Is It Time To Just Run To Run, And To Be Active?

I don't know exactly what it is but I feel like I've lost my joy of running. Maybe it's time I get back the joy of running by just getting out there and putting in some time without the need to hit a pace or a distance? #training #plans #marathon #race #joy


@timnolte I had run off and on occasionally.... In 2019 I didn't set a goal of wanting to ENJOY running. Started and then started going further with no speed goal.... Ended up running as far as 20.5 miles one Saturday.

I registered for a marathon, which was covid-canceled then broke my leg out for a run a month ago. Tough going. I want to still compete a marathon, later this year if possible, but my real goal is to enjoy running.

If I'm not enjoying it, I need to mix it up. Though I wouldn't suggest breaking your leg....this is a rough recovery.

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