You millennials called us stupid for working crazy hours and taking staycations. How's that "lifestyle" of yours working out?


As fun as it is to see boomers attack the generation they raised and see millennials respond in kind...the article seems to key this not off of lower wages due to hours worked nor lavish lifestyle spending but the dramatic increase in the cost of higher education. I wonder who was the driving force for millennials in pursuit of college degrees no matter the debt required.

The old SNL sketch with Steve Martin and his book Don't Spend Money You Don't Have would serve boomers, Xers, and millennials alike.

@SecondJon @ReadyKilowatt

This a thousand times over.

Corporate America paid for both my degrees. I didn't have that "college experience" but learning the same things both on the job and in school at the same had insane long-term value.

Yes colleges are raping the public and the millennials have had a raw deal. But many lived that college experience on student loans while pursuing degrees in fields that don't pay well. They should have learned about ROI while they were there.


@TaggyT @ReadyKilowatt Agreed. But should millennials have divined ROI from nowhere? Of course the non profitable degree won't teach that there's no ROI there, it'd be bad for business. But certainly this is something the parents of millennials (boomers) may have missed.

At the same time, I don't understand those who as adults signed contracts to borrow and repay then beg for their agreed upon debts to be wiped away.

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@SecondJon @ReadyKilowatt

Yes yes yes. So many yeses.

And also, the one thing most Americans actually have in common is a complete lack of financial discipline. That is the primary thing I see in these charts.

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