I'm not really keeping up on the Media's framing of this, but here's what I gather from toots I'm seeing about Musk and Twitter:

Musk is bad for unbanning people who were banned for political opinions and jokes. Because speech is violence, it's a safety issue.

Musk is bad for banning people live doxing the location of his children leading to people... Tracking down and stalking and confronting them. Not a safety issue like a satirical blog post with opinions that disagreed with The Party.

Musk can do no right.

Think of all the actually real life impact its had that the Babylon Bee can tweet jokes again, and that corporate spokespeople can't use the guys' own platform to endanger his kids!

It's chilling. And more newsworthy than the information coming out about how Twitter has been run until now. That whole category is information we shall call.... Bruno.

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