Jesus loves those you hate 

An ad plays during the superbowl featuring the division in our society, ends with a message of love, that Jesus loves everyone, including those we hate.

Response from some news outlets and politicians: Talk about loving your enemies? You must be a fascist. Like Hitler. You evil evil thing. Actually, people should be even MORE divided and against each other...let me dig up things that'll really get you mad about someone who contributed funds the to ad and you you hate them better. Hate them, hate Jesus, hate the idea of loving your enemy.

Gotta say, I find a message of love more appealing than that of hate which followed.

It's a commentary about our culture that a non political message of love and unity and the messiah can be so easily mocked, used as a tool to remind people why they really ought to keep their enemies list full, and then it's filed away as a brief distraction.

The Avacado ad that mocked the biblical story was also a commentary, that the biblical narrative and the curse of sin is a small thing... just a joke to be mocked and derided.

I don't know that "post-Christian" society is the right term. I don't think it's progress to hear Love Your Enemies and respond with rallying cries to hate your enemies. It seems less like a progression and more like a regression.

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