This month's interesting fact about glycoscience is about #glycopeptides made by bacteria and the importance of #carbohydrates in antibiotics.

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#glycotime #bacteria #antibiotics

Recently Dr. Cummings from the @ncfg published the first ever Periodic Table of Monosaccharides. We thought it would be great to have an interactive version of this as a website, and so we built one.

You can access this at:

#glycotime #glycotool

This month's interesting fact about glycans discusses the heavily O-glycosylated (specifically O-GlcNAcylated) protein in the nucleus - RNA Polymerase II.

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A spoonful of sugar #11 🍬

As the rest of the community, we have excited about #AF3 and have been testing its performance in the reconstruction of glycans and glycosylation. We have found the following limitations users should be aware of:

- The structure of the Asn-linkages is incorrect

- All N-glycans have an a2 arm, while the Man should be in a3

What we suggest 😜 is to build the protein with AF3 and to reglycosylate it with ReGlyco at :awesome:


This month on our blog - we highlight interesting facts about Pectin - One of the Most Complex Polysaccharides in Nature and its Healing Properties.


For more interesting facts about glycans check out our page:

#glycotime #glycans #glycosylation

Elegant study shows how the location and composition of N-glycans (glyco-code) influences protein folding and quality control. Competition between early lectin chaperone and BiP, and the role of UGGT particularly ineteresting.


Excited about the #GlycoNMR summit (online meeting) that is just about to start. #NMR analysis of polysaccharides and glycoproteins. The event runs multiple days on zoom, hosted by the University of Georgia. More info and register: #nmrchat #glycotime

Interesting! L-fucose administration ameliorates the LPS-induced neuroinflammation in the Fut8+/βˆ’ mice, suggesting that core fucosylation plays a vital role in anti-inflammation. L-Fuc as a potential drug against neuroinflammation?


You have heard of the periodic table of elements-
we present the Periodic Table of Monosaccharides where we attempt to arrange the monosaccharides in a systematic table.

Published in Glycobiology:

#glycotime #glycoeducation #glycans #monosaccharides

πŸ“’#Glycoscience Community on Mastadon.
Are you attending the Society for Glycobiology meeting in Hawaii? Find us and learn about the work at the NCFG and the Cummings Lab.

1. We are hosting a Satellite meeting on Nov. 5th, entitled: NCFG Tools in Glycoscience, we hope you will be joining us!

2. Come check out our posters at the SFG meeting:
#155, #401, #67, #79, #89, #224, #170, and #225
We have some interesting developments in #glycan #microarrays, #glycomics and other fun stuff!

Only *two* weeks to the Annual SfG Meeting 2023 in Hawaii! :ablobsunglasses:

Check out the program of the event of the year! ⬇️

Our paper "Can #ChatGPT pass Glycobiology" is now live on #Glycobiology :ablobattention:

In this work Devin and I test chatGPT to answer a range of Glycobiology questions to assess its potentials and limitations, from the point of view of an undergraduate student and as a more expert user.

You may find a few laughs and some inspiration for educational or investigative purposes.

Hope you all enjoy it! :blobcatfingerguns:



🚨 Announcing the 2023 SFG Awardees!! 🚨 :ablobcaramelldansen:

On behalf of the 2023 SfG Awards Committee and Board of Directors, here are the 2023 SFG Awardees

Karl Meyer Lectureship: Dr Taroh Kinoshita (Osaka University)

Rosalind Kornfeld Award for Lifetime Achievement in Glycobiology: Dr Kelly Ten Hagen (NIH) and Dr Donald Jarvis (University of Wyoming)

Glycobiology Significant Achievement Award: Dr Matthew Macauley (University of Alberta) and Dr Sean Stowell (Harvard Medical School)

ASBMB Molecular and Cellular Proteomics Lectureship: Dr Max Crispin (University of Southampton)

President's Innovator Award: Dr Paul DeAngelis (University of Oklahoma)

SfG Distinguished Service Award: Dr Rita Sarkar (NIH)

Heartiest congratulations to all awardees πŸ‘ :ablobparty:

🚨 We are now accepting abstracts and Travel Award applications for the 2023 Annual Meeting :ablobsunglasses:

You must register for the annual meeting prior to submitting your abstract.

Students and PostDocs, you can review the Travel Award criteria (which must be submitted with your abstract) here ⬇️

Submission Deadline: Sunday, September 10
Submission Fee: $65 per abstract

We are excited to announce that registration for the SfG 2023 Annual Meeting is now open! :ablobcatrave:

Join us November 5–8, 2023, at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

All details on the program, registration, and fees at the link

Share the news! πŸ” greatly appreciated :ablobcaramelldansen:

Figure Caption: Screenshot of the announcement of the deadline for the 2023 Call for the SfG Awards Nominations. Stating: the society of glycobiology is seeking nominations of candidates for our annual awards listed below (note: also on te post above) For all details on eligibility and application packages, please visit the website:

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πŸ“’ 🚨 Only one week to the deadline for the nominations to the 2023 SfG Awards:

- Karl Mayer Lectureship Award
- Rosalind Kornfeld Award for Lifetime Achievement in Glycobiology
- Glycobiology Significant Achievement Award
- SFG Distinguished Service Award

All details on the eligibility and application process ⬇️

2023 Call For SfG Awards Nominations! :ablobcatbongo:

Deadline is 5:00 pm ET on July 12, 2023

All details on the eligibility criteria and application process on the link:

Hello fans!

For those of you who are new to 🐘 or haven't discovered us yet, the SFG is here on!! :ablobattention:

Follow us for all SFG news and updates! So many exciting announcements to be posted soon :ablobsunglasses:

πŸ” appreciated 😊

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