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Utterly ridiculous from the Pulitzer Prize committee today.

This Pulitzer citation supposedly honoring 🇵🇸 journos doesn't actually do so.

"Journalists & media workers covering the war in Gaza" includes everyone, Palestinian or otherwise.

The citation fails to mention the nationality of the journalists who "died" (euphemism which downplays the worst recorded journo slaughter), or the identity of their killers, the Israeli army.

Please compare with the 2022 citation for 🇺🇦 journalists.

Science needs #neurodiversity - an new editorial by H. Holden Thorp in #Science.

„All brains work differently. … In the world of science, these differences are what spark innovation. This is why the scientific community needs to better recognize the enormous potential of neurodiversity and bear in mind that certain behavioral and cognitive traits that may strike some as unusual can be catalytic to the scientific quest.

👉 An oil-funded think tank backed by Hungarian prime minister Orbán is involved in organising widespread farmer protests in the run-up to the EU elections.

Speakers at the meeting included the hardline Dutch Farmers’ Defence Force. Cas Mudde: "The far-right in general, and Orbán in particular, has a strategic reason for supporting the radical farmers in Brussels. They create the public image of chaos and dissatisfaction with the EU...”

Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is designed to capture government subsidies and not carbon. 🙃

This by the chair of the Commons justice committee is important and persuasive on why IPP sentences are wrong in principle and bad in practice.

Once telling passage jumped out:

“IPP sentences were introduced in 2003 as a new form of custodial sentence. Designed to appear tough on crime…”

How many stupid law and policy things have been done for that reason.

“'Have you no sense of decency?'

It’s a question as urgent today and one that should be asked of every person who cravenly, cynically, or ignorantly supports a far greater threat to the United States than even McCarthy ever was.

Make no mistake, decency is on the ballot in November. And the press should cover this race accordingly."

~ Elliot Kirschner

#Trump #decency #leadership #democracy

Such an approach is not unhelpful in pre-trial shenanigans, where it is one party dealing with another party. Pre-trial litigation is often deal-making by another name. But when a dispute gets to court (and most Trump-related litigation does not get to a courtroom) then such bilateral game-playing becomes far less important. A third party - the judge (and sometimes jury) takes power. Trump’s blustering and bargaining is not well suited for this. Bullying will now not be enough.

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And there will also be another thing he now cannot control: evidence. And this evidence will feed into the media mainstream, with the added credibility of being on oath. For somebody who is a deft manipulator of the media and his public image this los of information control will also be painful for him.

I have no idea if Trump will be convicted. I suspect it will be hard to get a conviction.

But he is now a fish out of water, at least for a while.

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Everyone should listen to this. It explains so much

Origin Story | 10 Downing Street – The makeshift mansion on Podbean


The Prime Minister must have bullish internal government legal advice saying that all appeals can be easily dealt with within 10-12 weeks, including to court of appeal and supreme court.

Or perhaps he does not.

An An Ancient Greek Philosopher Was Exiled for Claiming the Moon Was a Rock, Not a God
2,500 years ago, Anaxagoras correctly determined that the rocky moon reflects light from the sun, allowing him to explain lunar phases and eclipses

By David Warmflash via @SmithsonianMag

#books #science #astronomy #philosophy

"Equality is essential for sustainability. The science is clear — people in more-equal societies are more trusting and more likely to protect the environment than are those in unequal, consumer-driven ones."
#inequality #collapse #nature

Really big news, folks.

I will be going to see Taylor Swift give one of her last performances in the #TaylorSwift Eras Tour !! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

I have now become a ticket-holding #swiftie ! (And a lot poorer for it, too, but what's life for, anyway?)

Vancouver, British Columbia is the place; early December the time.

Next, I have to divine the whole Friendship Bracelet thing.

Any instructions would be greatly appreciated.

If you're going, maybe we can trade bracelets? ;-) ❤️

Hugh Grant has been priced out of his ‘phone hacking’ lawsuit against The Sun, after learning it would cost him more money to win than it would cost Rupert Murdoch.

"At the right moment and at the right amount, a skilled litigator can bring a civil claim to a speedy halt": writes @davidallengreen

#Part36 #civilJustice #settling #litigation #HughGrant #UK #England #liability #accountability #press #impunity #RupertMurdoch #Murdoch #damages

New from @STAT's Casey Ross and me:

#Microsoft has helped organize at least 4 efforts to set standards in #healthcare #AI. Is that problematic?

also: did I sneak a history of the EPA's TSCA into a story about AI? ✨click to find out✨

#health #healthcare #healthtech #medicine #healthpolicy #regulatorycapture

News media yet again full of threats by governing party politicians to leave the ECHR.

And yet again nothing at all about how this would breach the Good Friday Agreement.

Contempt? What a shocker.

"Judge sets hearing on holding Trump in contempt"

"Judge Merchan has set a hearing on prosecutors' request to hold Trump in contempt for allegedly violating the judge's limited gag order.

The hearing is set for Wednesday, April 24 at 2:15 p.m. ET."

#GOP #Trump #contempt #Merchan #gagorder #Cohen #StormyDaniels #hushmoney #hearing #trial

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