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Trying something new, everyone is guaranteed an interview! Open interviews! For a limited time no one will be skipped (except for clear cases of abuse).

So we still have about 10 more 100% remote positions to hire for full-time market-fair positions here at QOTO/CleverThis.

100% remote, work from anywhere, even the beach, market-fair offers. Ethics first, we treat our people like family.

We have an urgent need for Machine learning experts with a background in NLP and Deep Learning (Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks). There is a focus on Knowledge Graphs, Mathematics, Java, C, looking for Polyglots.

We are an open-source first company, we give back heavily to the OSS community.

We need everything from jr to sr, data scientist to programmer. If your IT and your good, you might be a fit.

I will personally be both your direct boss, and hiring manager. I am also the founder and inventor.

The NLP position can be found at this link, other positions can be found on the menu bar on the left:

If you would like to submit yourself for an interview, which for a limited time I am guaranteeing you will get a first stage interview, then you can submit your application here, and even schedule your interview as you apply, instantly!

For those of you who cant schedule during core hours you can schedule in my free time if you’d like a chance (the company doesnt have fixed hours):

@sciencebase Apparently, there is a swarm of Chimney Sweeper in Holmesfield, Derbys, seen in the field where I used to eat the pignuts. I gather it makes sense.

Okay, UK folks, it's on. Few of the choices are great, but the Tories have to go. Make sure you're registered to vote. Set up a postal vote if you'll be on holiday on July 4th. Make sure students are registered in the place where they'll be then, as uni terms will be over. Make sure you've got suitable ID. Especially make sure to do all of this if you are in a marginal constituency, cos that's where the election is decided. #UKPolitics #GE2024

Fly people! My department (Oxford Biochemistry) invites Expressions of Interest from early career researchers who wish to be sponsored for establishing an independent research group, as an externally funded research group leader. See

I grew up in apartheid South Africa. My formative years were spent watching it collapse. Which made me deeply opposed to fascism and racism. It also drove me to study the system.

I am deeply familiar with how apartheid worked.

On a regular basis people try to tell me there is no apartheid system in Israel.

Invariably their explanation for why Israel isn't an apartheid state, describes a policy South Africa also had, and frequently did more humanely.

@freemo As a gun man:

Horses (Ass) Collective word for the bits of brass you tip out of a fired pistol. I don't know their real name. "I hope you didn't leave your horses for the fuzz to find".

In his paper Observations of two persistent degrees on a thermometer, Celsius recounted his experiments showing that the melting point of ice is essentially unaffected by pressure. He also determined with remarkable precision how the boiling point of water varied as a function of atmospheric pressure. He proposed that the zero point of his temperature scale, being the boiling point, would be calibrated at the mean barometric pressure at mean sea level.

#books #science #physics #thermometry

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The "spell" Hitler cast is what we often call a "reality distortion field"—an ability to bend perceptions, convincing followers to believe the impossible and disregard facts and reason.

We've glorified this trait, especially in charismatic business leaders.

And it's a terrible mistake.

In memory of Mum: my post about my forthcoming walk with my daughter Nadz to raise funds for Alzheimer's Society. (link now corrected!)

We've raised £2,803 so far, but the walk is still two weeks away and it would be wonderful to raise even more. So if you are able, please give generously!

Sunak’s great plan for the UK is to turn it into a research and innovation powerhouse by deterring foreign students from coming to the universities whose ability to research and innovate depends on their fee income.

Poland’s foreign minister, Radosław Sikorski, has hit back at Israeli ambassador Yacov Livne for criticising Warsaw’s decision to support Palestinian membership of the UN.

Livne warned that the decision would “harm Poland”. But Sikorski today responded by labelling the remarks “patronising” and saying that it is “the Polish government, not foreign ambassadors, which will decide what is good for Poland”.

Not many people know about Inge Lehmann, let’s change that. She discovered the solid inner core of the Earth in 1936.

In the most glorious "fuck you" I have seen in a while, you know the book that Cumberland City Council banned because they're homophobic bigots - Holly Duhig's "A focus on Same Sex Parents"? Well, the publisher, BookLife Publishing, have made a PDF version of the book available for free.

Sure be a shame if it was shared far and wide now, wouldn't it?

Every time you ban a book filled with hope and kindness, and care and love, we will resist.

#CumberlandCityCouncil #SameSexParents #BookBans #Bookstodon

Huge protests in Tbilisi tonight against a law that would copy a Russian law against "foreign agents." But they are happening for a more serious reason: Georgians don't want to become part of the Russian world

Because it's a #genocide

“It does not have enough room for us to make tents because they are [already] full of displaced people"
"Many in Rafah cannot move elderly or very ill relatives who might not survive the harsh conditions in al-Mawasi, a sandy area that has few amenities and has been repeatedly bombed. Intermittent communications access in #Rafah, constant power outages, scarce fuel and a shortage of cash make organising any evacuation very difficult."

The whole world said a #Rafah invasion was everyone’s red line and well, it has happened and the impotence of the international community is on full display.

Trump asked Big Oil execs to give him $1 billion for his campaign.

He promised lower taxes and a rollback of Biden's climate regulations and clean energy programs in return.

Trump is literally willing to take bribes in exchange for the destruction of the planet.

Be warned.

@bifouba @TransitBiker

If even at all, given that the US goons are threatening the ICC:

“Target Israel and we will target you,” the senators tell Khan, adding that they will “sanction your employees and associates, and bar you and your families from the United States.”

Rather ominously, the letter concludes: “You have been warned.”

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