This month marks my first year anniversary on Mastodon (although the first post was in March this year), alas it has been quite uneventful from my end (oops!). Ironically, lots of federations/instances have been flooded recently with ex-Twitter users after Elon Musk took over Twitter. Consequently, now I'm very tempted to revive my 13 year-old account Twitter account. I shall see — perhaps I could link both accounts. :mastodon: :twitter:

Trying to repair my Bluetooth headphones. :bluetooth: 🎧

The USB connector detached itself from the PCB as a result of me "shoving" the charging cable inside numerous times over a long period of time. Lesson learned now.

Sadly, I fear the contacts are too small to solder back the USB connector, hence why the chances of fixing it myself are almost reduced to zero. Very likely I'll have to head into town to a repair shop this week and hope for the best. 🤞🏻

(Alternatively, I could solder new wires onto battery and have them "stick out" of the headphones if I want to recharge it, but that would look silly. :blobclown:)

Technically, conventional guitars do not have "perfect" intonation (look it up yourself, it is a rather interesting topic). However, even after carrying out some rudimentary maintenance, the intonation is still quite off on certain notes beyond the 12th fret on my Vintage VS6.

Thus, after some thorough reflection, I am narrowing it down to two possible solutions to fix the problem:

(1) Get a fresh pair of strings (quick and cheap) since the current strings' coating wore off.

(2) Refret the neck (slow, finicky and relatively expensive) since certain frets have become flat after years of playing.

Fingers crossed that the first solution is all I need to solve this. :blobfingerscrossed: I may come back later with an update on this. :ablobbass:

Spent today's afternoon in the backyard doing the much-needed maintenance for my mountain bike. Primarily cleaning up and lubricating parts that required such service after several years of usage. :mechanic:

For the first day of this month, I thought I should finally debut my first (and hopefully not last) post on Mastodon.

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