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¡Buenos días España🇪🇸!
¿Habéis visto esta imagen de los cultivos de arroz en el Delta del #Ebro capturada por #Copernicus #Sentinel2🇪🇺🛰️ el pasado 14 de Julio?
Seguro que pronto llegan las cosechas y disfrutáis de esas #paellas 🥘tan típicas vuestras


"A 2018 review of Maritime Transport (UNCTAD) calculated that there are 50,732 active ships around the world—including those at seas and in port.

There are many ways to keep track of all this traffic and do maritime tracking. AIS tracking websites such as the aptly named MarineTraffic operate over 2000 automatic identification system (AIS) stations in over 165 countries across the globe."

La New York Public Library té una col·lecció enorme de mapes, d'entre els quals destaquen alguns dels mapes més antics del Carib i Amèrica Central

Today I learned that ArcGIS Online item details pages accept emojis and now I have a completely renewed enthusiasm in completing thorough* metadata #gischat

RT @i_ameztoy: Tres años desde que el #TemporalGloria golpeó con fuerza el N. y E. peninsular y Baleares. El #DeltadelEbro se vio especialmente afectado. Los satélites #Sentinel2 de @CopernicusEU obtuvieron imágenes espectaculares donde se podían apreciar las zonas inundadas.🛰️#DeltadelEbre


Europa's Rhadamanthys Linea

This image from NASA's Galileo Solid-State Imager (SSI) shows Europa's surface is covered with a vast network of linear features such as cracks, ridges, and bands.

Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona

Instrument: Solid-State Imaging
Mission: Galileo
Tags: Europa
#space #NASA #JPL #photography #astronomy #astrodon

Lego (plastic building block) price worldwide shows a 744% difference between the cheapest and most expensive average price comparing eight popular sets in over 200 countries #prices

Kīlauea eruption under way since January the 5th. I wrote last night a quick post in my blog with a couple of webcams provided by the US National Parks Service.
They are stills, but still... magnificient.

#kilauea #KilaueaErupts #volcano #geology #science #news

RT @i_ameztoy: Parc Natural del - Delta de l'Ebre - Natural Park

No matter when you look at it, it is always beautiful.
@CopernicusEU #Sentinel2 🛰️ 2022-12-16
Full Size: 🧐 #Ebro #EO


Map of topography of seabed by geologist and oceanographic cartographer Marie Thorp, ca. 1968. #Mapstodon

“An intricately detailed photo of the sun shot using a specially modified telescope. … That sunspot group on the top is currently pointed right at Earth!” – Andrew McCarthy

And another one being prepared for launch with two people.

Here you can see the 's features (or lack thereof) a bit better.

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Launching of a Catalan catamaran (a.k.a. de vela) at Port Olímpic in .

It has no boom, rudder or centerboard, and the skipper steers it by moving along the width and length of the .

This is a local design from the mid-XX century and is easy to find at municipal and private clubs in Barcelona.

A timelapse showing the incredible movement of a growing vine, exhibiting both nastic movement to find, and then a thigmotropic response to grasp and hold.

Credit: Roger P. Hangarter

#botany #nature #plants #science

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