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Just a couple of hashtags to attract like minded people to hang out on :
Folks, if you work with above topics ( and science in general), I'd love to follow you!

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Hello all!
I'm a (soon to start)PhD student at the Leibniz Institute for Analytical Sciences - ISAS. I am passionate about applying 🤖 methods to 🐞 , especially . I mostly work in :python: , though I'm trying to learn .

I like sunshine 🌞 , nature ⛰️ , and adventures! Also, I'm a coffee :coffee_mug: addict, and it always never fails to lift my mood 😁

I'm looking forward to following people doing amazing 🔬 here at , and being part of this wholesome !

#introduction 👋

I'm a multi-dimensional image viewer for Python 🖼️🐍. I can help you:

- view and explore 2D, 3D, and higher-D arrays on a fast*, OpenGL canvas;
- overlay derived data such as points, polygons, segmentations, and more;
- annotate and edit derived datasets, using standard structures such as numpy and @zarr, allowing you to
- seamlessly weave exploration, computation, and annotation in image analysis.

Follow me for announcements and cool demos! (will boost demos!)

*I try, anyway 😅

#introduction (abbr.)

I'm Bill Tozier.

Used to be a complex systems researcher. Emergent systems engineering, bio-inspired design, network dynamics, artificial life, artificial collaboration, all that stuff.

Consulted. Still could, I spose. It'd cost.

Molecular bio & industrial engineering training I guess. Meh.

20+ years in genetic programming (the software synthesis kind). 10+ years taking care of dying friends & relatives.

Now I sell my books on eBay, & digitize printed works.



QuPath v0.4.1 is now online! 💻🔬🔍

This fixes the v0.4.0 bugs reported to date. The most annoying broke the update message, meaning QuPath can't tell anyone that v0.4.1 is here😬🫢

So if you know anyone using v0.4.0, please act as a human update message to let them know 🗣️📢


For thousands of years, fermenting beer was considered a household task for #women.

By the Middle Ages, some sold beer at English markets. Female brewers wore tall, pointy hats to be easily spotted. They stood by cauldrons & often had cats to keep mice away.

Sound familiar? It should.

You see, when male brewers felt threatened by their success, they accused the women of witchcraft. These rumors may have led to some witch iconography we still recognize today. #history

A new study in
JAMA Oncology found that #screening and diagnosis for 3 types of cancer remained below levels prior to the COVID pandemic, suggesting that screening rebounded early on, but over time gaps in screening returned and even worsened. #cancer #oncology


I'm a professor for #ParticlePhysics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (#KIT).

I am interested in searches for #BSM and #DarkMatter at #colliders and beam dumps, and i am recently developing a taste for #DirectDetection experiments as well.

I love #coding for the #Belle2 #calorimeter and for #RealTime algorithms; with and without #MachineLearning.

Rosalind Franklin’s research was crucial to discovering DNA’s double helix structure 🧬 but it was James Watson & Francis Crick who received the credit & Nobel Prize.

Unknown to Franklin, the pair saw her unpublished data & X-ray diffraction images, inspiring their famous model. They never acknowledged her contribution until after her death.

How many discoveries & innovations of #women do we attribute to the men who took credit for their ideas? #history #science

Our paper has been published in @eLife. By predicting the protein structure of over 230,000 human transcripts and comparing it to the canonical isoforms, we show that it can help to improve genome annotation by identifying isoforms with potentially superior function.

Great work by Markus Sommer, Sooyoung Cha, Ales Varabyou, Natalia Rincon, Sukhwan Park, Ilia Minkin, Mihaela Pertea, and Steven L Salzberg


Postdoc position! Pls boost!

Want to devote your expertise in data science to accelerate the pace at which new medicines are found?

Join our lab at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA, USA to glean insights from biological images!
More info:

The Broad Institute provides a uniquely stimulating environment to advance and apply data science in collaboration with MIT, Harvard, and hospitals. (1/2)

So, it is #introduction time! I finally decided to jump here into Mastodon :)

I work on #complexsystems and #statisticalphysics , mostly applied to #neuroscience!

Really looking forward to the discussion in this space. I decided to start by following many neuro researchers from the Academics on Mastodon database

I hope I'll find old and new friends around!

I'm a senior researcher on a new program in #AIEthics and #DataEthics at #NortheasternUniversity that I am now allowed to talk about:

This is an #NSF funded program that will let us bring in cohorts of approximately 10 #philosophy (or related) graduate students to #Boston for 10 weeks for each of the next 3 years (beginning #2023) to get training in #AIEthics and #DataEthics from our faculty and visiting scholars.

Here's a link to the program website. Please boost!

Hello folks! What are your interesting independent research projects/side projects? Let's hear about them! Bonus points for links to webpages/codes!


I lead the Dynamics and Neural Systems Group at The University of Sydney. We are fascinated by dynamical patterns produced by #complexsystems like the brain.

We work on problems in #timeseries analysis and nonlinear dynamical systems, all the way through to developing and applying data-driven analysis methods for complex high-dimensional #neuroscience datasets.

We believe in advancing knowledge and practice through #OpenScience — glad to see many such folks here 👍

Okay #introduction / #introductions time!!
My interests revolve around systems of subcellular organisation, from a #cellbiology and #biophysics perspective. I’m particularly focussed on #MembraneContactSites between organelles in funky cells like #neurons. I use a bunch of #microscopy techniques (#ElectronMicroscopy / #SuperResolution) alongside in vitro reconstitution systems to study contact site biology. The #EndoplasmicReticulum is the best organelle…this is a hill I am prepared to die on.


I'm a Software Engineer at @HHMI 's #Janelia Research Campus in Scientific Computing. Where I work on software related to microscopy where I mostly use #JuliaLang, #Java, and #Python. I'm interested in Open Science, Open Data, and Open Source Software.

I was formerly a postdoc in Cell Biology at #Northwestern and #UTSouthwestern and a graduate student in Systems Biology and Biophysics at #UTSW and #UCSD. I concentrated in Biological Chemistry and Mathematics at #UChicago.

Hello everyone!👋 Newly arrived from the site that shall not be named. Miss my friends and all that I learned there. Would love 😍 to make new friends on @mastodon interested in: #Mathematics or #TheoreticalComputerScience or #Consciousness or #Philosophy or #AI or #Neuroscience or #Life ... (to be cont'd)

🚨Job Alert 🚨

We are looking for a #BioimageAnalyst and/or #RSE to join our growing image analysis facility here at Human Technopole in the beautiful city of Milan, Italy.
#Apply before December 16!

and an #introduction to my lab!
My lab is made up of an amazing diverse group of trainees. They are working on projects related to basal peptide signaling (Dakota), circuit pertubations caused by adolescent binge drinking (Dr. Seemiller, Avery), & neuropeptide changes with aging and #neurodegeneration (Grace) plus two amazing technicians (Keith, Dani) and many stellar undergraduates. We're also very interested in new #tech development for #neuroscience #technology #STEM

What would your ideal Mastodon server be like? Interested in others' opinions.

My #firstpost on Mastodon. Still trying to figure out how to move around. :mastodon_oops:

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