It's out! This paper (FA:
, A.Konle), now out in
@J_Cell_Sci is very much the story of the Morriswood group; it was started by one of my 1st rotation students, ended by other undergrads prior to the group's closure.

Massive thanks to
@ReviewCommons for handling the process, & also
@Co_Biologists for providing the best journal service I've ever encountered - rigorous, courteous, friendly, helpful. The paper is now also part of then#ForestOfBiologists initiative.

Also, don't forget that the "director's cut" is still available as a reviewed on
@biorxivpreprint here, where aficionados can dig a little deeper if they're interested:

Journal of Cell Science  
Daja Schichler, Antonia Konle, Brooke Morriswood @TIR_scienceblog and colleagues discover that entry of surface bound cargo in the trypanosome flag...
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