What a verdict on Ayodha. Issue solved by the hon'ble Supreme Court

@joesangma Do you think the solution was fair? Just curious to know other PoV...

@Tallymark90 @joesangma they should punish those who destructed the BM ,then only it will be fair.

@atul1994 @joesangma Isn't that violence? I mean. When we look at a problem, we always find a neutral stand as much as when we do pick sides. Do you think a situation like this has one? I always thought giving away the 5 acre land in Ayodhya to ram mandir and letting the masjid stay as it is would solve everything. But guess "the officials" and the ones who have "the knowledge" think otherwise. Which makes me curious, why ?

@Tallymark90 @joesangma I meant 'punishment' by law for destroying the old structure.


@atul1994 @joesangma Hmm. Well the government punishes minority now. And it sucks.

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