Reading Permanent record, autobiography of Edward Snowden.There is an intresting bit when he talks about Intelligence agencies & tech industries.The very belief that they are entitled to their unilateral decision making based on data,makes them apolitical as data itself is just information.The idea of harmless surveilance or surveilance for greater good?
Makes me feel vulnerable when one pours out into the digital world,someone is just calling it data & putting a label on you & uses it in a way profitable to them.Imagine tweeting feeling sad tonight after a break up & netflix suggests me Always be my may be😐 and Google suggests best shops that sell cookie dough near by.They know me too well.🙊
Its like they put a label on my feeling & advertise it."swapy is sad & would probably eat cookie dough today & watch netflix😣."
The otherside to this is the assumption that since I posted it, I gave them permission to use this data.But do most people even read the license agreement or data usage policies?People just click accept.I didnt agree to sell my sadness 😑.These tech companies are merging all the time.Google has taken over so many that google knows more about me than I do.Its like If I die, the google me would go on living, inactive till they archive me.creepy digital existance?

This book is a gem.Especially for people from a country like India where the Data protection laws are virtually non existant.


@Simplyswapy I have constantly feared that an invasion of data would follow up with subtly suggesting us things to do online because they sit there capturing everything we post and say here! Due to this reason I wished for an anonymity. It's like even if I say no to the license agreement and decide to not stay up on anything, With browsing or randomly just watching something on youtube is enough for them to show ads suggesting get this and get that. I remember i searched something online from amazon and everywhere else I did go since then, Ads popped asking me to get the things I searched. Creeps me out even today! Nothing is in out control infact I guess. Great read! Relatable and Interesting!! 👍

@Tallymark90 Yes thats the sad truth.No longer are we invicible.Does that make it safer for everyone? I dont know.Does that make me feel safe?No, I feelt used in somecases because of targeted Advertisements.I share the creepy feeling too.
Do read the book its very intresting :)

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