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3 things I wish everyone understood about #COVID19 now:

- The main risk isn't acute illness or death but chronic harm to hearts, lungs & immune systems:

- You can get Long COVID following a mild illness:

- COVID is evolving to be more dangerous by defeating our immunity protection:

This means we should try to avoid spreading COVID and helping it evolve. And we should be more concerned for ourselves and others. #WearAMask

This is the story that needs to be told again and again:

The coup plotters now control the House and they're holding the economy hostage -- which means your job, your house, your retirement -- in order to help finish off the coup.


So basically the same people that were begging for pardons two years ago now run the show.


Here is our largest database of PhD fellowships yet: we found 195 fellowships and funding opportunities.

For each fellowship, this searchable database lists description, deadline, amount, and eligibility criteria.

Download it here:



Tagging the @jobsecoevo group so that this #postdoc in sensory #biology of #marine #invertebrates #corals in #norway is boosted to the group's members.

Adding hashtags to make it searchable

#job #academicjobs

I will announce a PhD position in a few weeks on thermal physiology of fish. Let me know if you're interested.

Hi, plant folks! I have a question:

I'm teaching a plant diversity course this spring. Because we don't have a Botany course here, I'm trying to split the difference and heavily cover botanical basics in the first half before I start surveying groups.

The nutshell is that I have about six weeks to cover the Angiosperms. I can cover everything terribly or a subset well.

Therefore: What are you MUST KNOW Angiosperm groups for U.S. based students, mostly Ecology majors? Please opine and boost!

The most user-friendly and flexible effect size calculator is MOTE by Erin Buchanan: It is worth bookmarking. An online app that computes effect sizes and confidence intervals for a wide range of effect sizes, with great tutorial videos under the 'help' tab.

The lack of #Antarctic sea ice going into the new year is clearly an outlier compared to any other year in our satellite record.

Medieval landlords regularly collected eels as rent. But they didn't always eat them. Sometimes they bought things w/ their eels.

In the early 1200s the Ramsey monks rented a local causeway at the yearly rate of 1 pair of scarlet pants, 2 pounds of pepper & ginger, & 1,000 eels.

Later on, the property owner's widow renegotiated the causeway lease. She wanted 40 carts of firewood, 1/2 mark, and 1000 eels per year.

Apparently she was done with the red pants.
#Eels #History #medieval

This is a little explainer. If you ask me, #LemonPig is made for mastodon, so I'm hoping we can keep the tradition going here.

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Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2023 brings us together as a community. I’d love to hear what fun things you’re looking forward to in the coming year


Tagging @jobsecoevo so that this #job can be boosted to the group's followers

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History seeks applicants for an exciting new initiative sponsoring one #Ornithology predoc for the final 1-2 years of their doctoral studies, followed by one year of postdoctoral study with transition to a full-time permanent endowed position as William A. and Nancy R. Klamm Assistant Curator of Ornithology.

#PhD #postdoc #ecology

This is what BABY JELLYFISH look like!
They are so small they fit in a drop of water and are shaped just like snowflakes.
📽️ me

Folks, we are hiring six (!) postdocs as part of our NSF funded collaborative community engaged STEM research. 70k plus research funding to partner with Indigenous communities.

Review of applications will begin Feb. 1, 2023 and close no later than June 1, 2023.
Positions to begin on or before Aug. 15, 2023. All successful applicants will be funded to attend an orientation session in Summer 2023.

Position Details: MSU Job number 835465.

Please Boost! We have an amazing REU Program in Integrative Biology at UT Austin that is focused on Biodiversity Science! Fieldwork, collections-based research, organisms... and to boot amazing mentors! Help spread the word to your undergrads!

EXTREMELY RARE footage of the elusive box jellyfish Chirodectes. Larger than a soccer ball, this jelly is a true ocean mystery, and this video is one of the only in existence, filmed off the coast of Papua New Guinea in 2021.
📽️Scuba Ventures Kavieng

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