Funded Masters opportunity in my lab!

The work involves ecological tradeoffs, fish swimming/feeding, and application to issues facing coastal Louisiana. Start date July 1 if possible.

Please send to interested students!

First lab! We're using fish body shape as an example of the - - paradigm. We measured 'flat things', will compare to Sam Price's MONSTER dataset of fish morphometrics, and discuss Darien Satterfield's recent paper testing Webb's hypotheses of form and function.

First real lecture today was a hit! I'm pumped for the rest of the course now!

Thinking of all my people up north today, and I mean North of I-10 πŸ˜‚ Stay warm!

I introduced myself yesterday, but now I'd like to introduce you to my pup! This is Hidalgo the itty bitty pitty. He was named after the Disney movie about the horse, since he looks like a painted horse and because he's an underdog as a pitbull. One of his favorite foods is raw kale!

An infamous walking hillstream loach seen today at Blue Zoo Aquarium in Baton Rouge!

Learn more in this study led by the lab's former postdoc and current collaborator Callie Crawford:

🚨 New paper alert! 🚨

Have you ever caught and released a and wondered what happens after? Are you interested in how body parts work together? Do you think are special and are more than just bait? Then this one is for you!

We make the best of a bad situation and discover something new about fish form and function - fin damage from human capture doesn't decrease prey capture success, but does make kinematics less different among individuals! We suspect this can be bad for competitive ability. Effects may be stronger in populations than individuals.

Hi there! πŸ‘‹ I'm a professor at University of Louisiana at Lafayette and my research lab studies . I also like , , being , , and . Follow along to learn about what me and my lab are up to!

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