Polishing off another first draft, I award myself toast. Will have to think of what to fill the next grid with tomorrow.

Not got any ID? The tories have deliberately made it more difficult for you to vote because they know you're probably not voting for them. They're counting on you not bothering to click on this link to get yourself some free ID.


One of my most positive online experiences over the past few years has been finding a great community of fellow cryptic crossword fans and making collaborative solving a regular part of my week 🙂

You can join me and @matt at 12 noon today and pretty much every Sunday - here's to another 4 years!

#CrypticSunday #Cryptic #Crosswords


It's actually updating for me now, for newly posted stuff, but not showing me anything posted since I last visited.

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Hmm, Twitter now not showing me any tweets in Following tab. Anyone else?

If you want to run Movetodon or another of the "find your follows" services, your time is running out.

Trashing the MessageUidsAlreadyDownloaded3 files in Library/Mail/V3/MailData sorted it out. Also, thx to jollyroger.kicks-ass.org/softw

@archelina About 7 on phone, 10 on iPad, but probably 30 across all browsers on Mac. *closes Filbert*

Today, the FT publishes the first in a new monthly series of cryptic crosswords themed around topics in the news. The puzzles will be published on the last Sunday of the month on ft.com and the FT app. I set January's:


My takeaway from this JCVI statement:

Under the current plan most under-50s will not be offered another covid jab in the future.

A move with huge implications.


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