A few tents in a buttercup meadow, viewed through a car windscreen 

Oh no, gotta go.

Heads up 99%.

Whenever someone from a think tank talks about “the economy”, mentally insert the words “rich people’s yacht money” into the sentence.

We can’t provide free healthcare, because it might harm rich people’s yacht money.

Nurses are going to have to feed themselves from food banks in order to protect rich people’s yacht money.

We’ve decided to let kids work in slaughter houses to help boost rich people’s yacht money.

It works every time. Give it a try.


Public service announcement, just in case anyone had forgotten: Covid is still out there and getting it still sucks. I didn’t wear a mask on a busy ferry last week and I am absolutely paying for it now by being stuck inside/sick/frustrated and having to cancel and rearrange all sorts of fun things this week. If you’re in a crowded space, FFP2 or N95 masks are definitely still worth wearing! #Covid #masks #LearnFromMyMistakes

Obviously new-to-the-neighbourhood jackdaw doesn't know that this is the magpies' cherry tree. Pigeon wisely stays out of the fray.

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Ah, Bond, come in. I want you to listen to to find out whose idea this mission was in the first place. offgrid.tlmb.net/2023/05/07/ox

Looking over a puzzle I wrote in Feb, and am completely baffled by one of my definitions. Huh.

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