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Not everyone visits a museum, pays attention in school , but if you are forced to see the reality of a bombed church from WWII, the chimneys of the ovens, remnants of the berlin wall, Karl Marx's statue on a daily basis your perspective changes about how you live quite a lot.

@thebitchisback Julian Assange is not being charged with anything in the UK.

He is being held in Belmarsh so the US can appeal the rejection of extradition that was made by a British Judge.

If you think for one second that this is just about Assange and not about setting a precedent which affects all journalists world wide, you are the fool.

The court in Virginia is a rubber stamp and show trial court for the deep state.
@thebitchisback For someone who isn't a journalist according to you, He sure has won a lot of Journalism awards.
Are you jealous?

All the claims you have made have been debunked. You should do some research:

How long until Biden steps down for "Health Reasons"?

Put your money where your mouth is.
Have charges against dropped immediately and have him released! Australia does not respond to threats after all. So there are no excuses!

Watch "Nancy Pelosi used national guard to give ‘impression Capitol was under siege’"

How long until Biden steps down for "Health Reasons"?

RT @ArielleScarcell: No. Recognizing biological advantages and believing in science isn’t hateful.

RT @StellaMoris1: UK’s former Brexit secretary David Davis says Assange judge ‘got the law wrong’ | @NortonTaylor for @declassifiedUK

RT @spikedonline: Apologists for Big Tech say that users unhappy with censorship can go elsewhere. The attempt to crush Parler shows this is nonsense. Silicon Valley is silencing dissent while depriving users of pro-free-speech alternative platforms, says @andrewdoyle_com


Variety reported Joe Biden only had around 10 million tv views

But he got 80 million votes?

President Trumps inauguration had over 30 million and Joe only had 10?


Joe Biden is

The pandering to the CCP begins!
WHO is a subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party!
You managed to steal an election by the biggest fraudulent activity I have ever seen. Let's see how much further you can screw the country that Men and Women fought and bled for!

RT @FoxBusiness: Why did Amazon wait until Biden’s inauguration to offer help with vaccine distribution?

RT @richimedhurst: ABC are playing clips of George Bush's inauguration. What the fuck is wrong with you people lol

RT @richimedhurst: Iraq is still on fire— 28 killed in a suicide bombing today while mainstream media celebrate Bush, Obama and Biden like they’ve no hand in it. What a sick, evil death cult. Americans are so brainwashed.

RT @LindaO888: Neoliberal Circus

"When everyone in Washington DC agrees on something you better be fucking scared."

"They are already insulating this bastard from criticism."

Unity: "you don't need healthcare; the planet can burn; people in the Middle East can keep dying.."

Richard Medhurst

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