I have wanted to see this forever. This is outside Newton Abbot in Devon just before midnight. Doesn't look this dramatic to the naked eye, this is about a 3s exposure with a Google Pixel 7a.

One of the cards in one of my (9yo) son's board games. Need to guess as many as you can. This has made my inner grammar pedant twitch badly, along with my monarch list pedant. 😂

I love that they're only just realising how inadequate they all are. Anyone competent got purged by Boris in case they showed him up, so without exception they're either too inexperienced, too stupid or in another job.

From the Guardian

This picture... How does anyone think that putting these two in front of your flag looks patriotic rather than all the worst, nightmare aspects of militaristic?

From @theregister , geeknews.chat/@theregister/110

Um... well done Nostradamus. You don't think that might have happened some time ago? 🤣

This... may be the most ludicrously-titled book I've ever encountered. Found in my local garden centre in Devon with the coronation stuff. Who'd have thought, he dreamed big all his life, and that's all it takes to be King, be you never so humble...

@cstross just for the rage.

It would appear that NordVPN is immune to irony. Spam to my email and now my push notifications to sell me a product to avoid robocall spam that I largely don't get anyway. I can think of one corporate database to get off...

Can anyone identify this caterpillar for me? Caught cat trying to eat it (back garden, south-west UK), wondering if I need to worry. Apologies for the mess, fished it back out of the bin!

I've just worked out why Google has been insisting my wife's birthday was coming up and did I want to do anything. It's because my Google calendar has an entry called "Wife's Dad's birthday" so I know it's a hard day for her. Thanks Google. Nice to be reminded you're reading my calendar.

. @garius Well I can think of one person who should be thanking you, you've probably done more for his name recognition than anyone. I saw the first chapter title as "First one's gone" and immediately thought "Shailesh Vara!" :ablobderpyhappy:

Google stitched two of the photos I took last night of the Christmas Train of Lights passing in Paignton. Except it stitched a later one of the train passing on the left, with the first one I took of the train barely visible in the distance on the right.

The result is a ghost train that is appearing out of the clouds, and if you look closely with a second one following it down the tracks, in context lit somewhat eerily.

I was wondering, how much does Rapunzel's hair weigh, anyway? In the film at least it seems to be able to at least be used to tie a grown man to a chair and then trail back across the room.

Human neck muscles aren't all that strong, at what length of hair is Rapunzel no longer able to hold her head upright unaided (presumably requiring crawling)? Never mind all the running and jumping and frying-pan-wielding.

Scammers getting sneaker. Received this SMS this evening. Good try, except a) my kids aren't old enough to have phones and b) I'm not mum. But one to be aware of.

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