That can't do the adding instance and hashtags to on mobile is one of the biggest mistakes is making currently. This would make a huge difference for the new folks. I rarely have access to Mastodon on the desktop.

@War_Kittens I've only been exploring a while but the web version definitely seems to have much more functionality than the app :-/

@RipUpTheEnding Yep. You have to set everything up the way you want on desktop and use the website on a browser tbh. I have fedilab for android and tbh, I prefer using Chrome. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― But... Once things are set up, it's really powerful. I have a list of the main instance feeds. A list of my fandom keywords. I just need to set up more of those.

@War_Kittens I'll have to get on the computer and set it all up, then probably just use mobile Chrome. What's fedilab??

@RipUpTheEnding It's a Mastodon app for Android. It does some fancy things but it also is buggy.

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