Rebuilt old gaming PC (1060 gpu) for nephew. Setting up projects to interest him in and . Generated playing cards with , , , for integration into database for or module. Whew! (Little sister's a middle school language arts teacher.) Gallery here:!AvfrYowYmFebkhlSyw

"Only when we are broken we can see it more clearly: the truth about ourselves, others, the world and God–"

I don't know how to feel when the people who put out this stuff never explore or report on actual solutions. It makes me wonder.

I remain convinced a multiple of single 4" filter fixtures suspended throughout space is a compelling design strategy.

"If a commercialized cleaner using PC fans similar to the aluminum fabricated PC fan CR box existed, it would provide an ideal solution for commercial spaces."

I continue to believe a 'tower defense' strategy of multiple, smaller, suspended & floor PC fan filter units throughout a space is a compelling solution.

Recalculated fixture performance for 2" & 4" deep MERV-13 & MERV-14 filters using ASHRAE efficiency values and filter surface areas ( from Jim Rosenthal). Highest CADR with 4" MERV-14 (233 CFM). Download spreadsheet here:

It seems I'm vastly underestimating the surface area of a 20x20x4" filter. Which is good for performance I suppose but makes estimating (with spreadsheet) confusing.

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Fan Fixture Zones w/ estimated performance (800 square inch MERV-13/fixture assumed), compared to ASHRAE proposed standard:

Fan Fixture Zones. Illustration of the cumulative effect of smaller, modular fixtures.

140mm 12V Fan Fixture Zone. A central transformer can (ideally) distribute power to multiple fixtures.

140mm 12 V fan fixture and grouping comparisons. (Powering (3) 4-fan fixtures may be more performant than (1) 12-fan fixture.)

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