Take a peek behind the @ProPublica curtain at the many innovative ways my colleagues used to reach Spanish-speaking dairy workers in rural #Wisconsin: “The reporters’ process underscores one of our central beliefs at
ProPublica: Publishing a story about injustice isn’t enough if we don’t reach the people who are directly affected.”

Guess what's in the public domain and unfortunately still very pertinent?

Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle"


This came up in conversations in this thread about child labor.

LOOK AT THEIR HANDS :sxn_cute: 😪

Ask all people that you see if they are for or against FASCISM in the United States. That's the only real question that matters right now.

U.S. friends:

Yesterday, I discovered that neither of my parents knew they are eligible for a new COVID booster.

Check in on your parents, grandparents, and friends 65 and older to make sure they know they are eligible so they can make an informed decision.


@MugsysRapSheet @SrRochardBunson

GOP: "well, since you outlawed slavery, our only option for cheap labor is a permanent class of poorly educated folks to exploit, as young as possible."

If you're out in public and you see someone whose gender you can't figure out, follow there's simple steps:

1. Don't fuckin worry about it

This message brought to you by the trans agenda

"Corporate consumption of medical care keeps growing...'They are trying to run it like a business, but it's not a business,'" said one doctor.
Same for education, prisons, and any number of other services abandoned to the merciless maw of the market: is.gd/6PefSD

The thing about this corruption and criminality—George Santos, Clarence Thomas, Rudy Giuliani, Trump—is that it’s so obvious. So brazen. As if there’s no need to hide it.


NRA found to be little more than a Russian money laundering scheme to bribe Republicans. Almost no arrests, no news, and Republicans now wear AR-15 pins during and after school shootings.

cc: @statmonkey @MPgh @StillIRise1963

So Sen. Feinstein's medical condition is worse than she's disclosed, and the newly disclosed issue is one affecting cognition and memory.

This is incredibly sad for her and her family, and they deserve sympathy.

But she should have retired years ago, and absolutely should step down now.


The real danger is not inaction. The real danger is when politicians and CEOs are making it look like action is happening when in fact nothing is being done.
Greta Thunburg

The Nazis did not successfully murder millions because every German was a Nazi. They succeeded because not enough Germans were anti-Nazi.

You have the power to stop it from happening again. All it takes is the willingness to stand up and fight.

A freshman Democrat brought receipts to the GOP's hearing on D.C. crime - MSNBC as @joyannreid would say, Representative Crockett won the week. #NotPlaying apple.news/Az5aqQjqJT-mj_ci9bY

I find that when I get more stressed the first two things to go are my gratitude and grace for my coworkers and students. It is their gratitude and grace that helps me realize this and take time to recenter myself, highlighting the importance of the community and culture we develop that can uplift us when needed.


Bettina Love's new book now available for pre-order. Follow-up to We Want to Do More than Survive.
A must read for those interested in improving education in the US

This is the message. Shout it from the rooftops and beat the GOP to death with it.

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