If you invest with Elon, are you investing in white supremacy, because the businesses are specious.

When a leftist tells you there is racism, sexism, antisemitism on the left, they don't need to be reminded that it's worse on the right. They know!

They want you to do work so there is no racism, sexism, antisemitism on the left. Browbeating them just communicates that you don't want to do that

Why do you think you can do anything you want with no consequence? Oh yeah, PRIVILEGE is BLINDING.

Interrogate YOUR OWN behaviors in this moment of peril and CONTROL the things you can. STOP doing things that CONTRIBUTE to this FASCIST situation. STOP acting like children.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education is searching for an Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. This is a critical position that is near and dear to my heart. Come work with a great team and wonderful students! Please share widely! unc.peopleadmin.com/postings/2


Capitalism from day one has been about the slaughter and destruction of others because it just has one goal, make investors money. Started from Day one with the Dutch east India company and slaughtered thousands in the quest for spices.
Anarchist Quotes  
Anarchism does not mean bloodshed; it does not mean robbery, arson, etc. These monstrosities are, on the contrary, the characteristic features of c...

New report: Policymakers across the political spectrum are becoming increasingly skeptical of standardized tests: tinyurl.com/3xtfu7ed.

To sustain this movement, we need to drive home three arguments: (1) standardized tests are deeply flawed as indicators of learning, measuring what matters least, intellectually speaking; (2) pressure to raise scores by preparing students for the tests has the same effect on learning that a noose has on breathing; and (3) more authentic assessments exist.

"Being Black has always been dangerous for pregnant women and infants in the South. The origin story of modern reproductive medicine can be traced to experiments conducted on Black enslaved women in Alabama during the 1840s by physician J. Marion Sims, the so-called Father of Gynecology,surgeon%2C%20teacher%2C%20and%20writer.), who subjected his patients to painful pelvic surgeries without anesthesia and drugged them with opium."


"We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives."

30 years ago today, Toni Morrison became the first black woman to win the Nobel Prize. Her remarkable acceptance speech about the power of language: t.co/Bb9NpIwCYk

The Kremlin will interfere aggressively in 2024 to elect Donald Trump. Expect multiple operations - spearphishing hacking attempts, cultivation and deployment of U.S. assets, multimedia disinformation campaigns.

Normally, making up a fake charity for *someone else's* sick dog, pocketing the money (letting the dog die!) would be the primary thing you'd remember about a person. Yet, I bet, like me, you forgot George Santos even did that...on his way to congress tossing lies like rose petals all along his path, like some kind of elemental sprite of dishonesty.

That's an advantage of doing enough terrible things. No one can hold them all in their mind at once: appreciate the true scope of depravity. LMAO

And so striking UAW workers can raise not only their own wages, but also the wages of non-unionized workers at other firms. The UAW strike was so effective that these other firms took note and chose to raise wages pre-emptively rather than face a union drive, the costs of a strike on top of higher wages.

Here’s the lie of supply and demand: demand didn’t change, and neither did the supply of labor, but the “price” went up. Nothing at all changed in the “market” in any neoclassical sense. Workers simply organized themselves to bargain more effectively, and yet prices still changed.

Because while supply and demand might inform prices, it’s only by changing the relative bargaining power of capital and labor that price changes.

Which is why capitalist ideologues have worked so hard to create and propagate the idea that labor unions are somehow antithetical to capitalist markets, when really labor unions are functioning sort of like labor-selling firms. Labor unions can boost wages through nothing more than coordination between individual workers, giving lie to the idea that the default unit of labor is the lone worker or that wages are the product of impersonal and uncontrollable market forces.

You would think that consistent advocacy for free trade would also include free association for workers, but you’d be wrong: that’s for capitalists, not for us peasants. The point is not consistency, but rather to create an atmosphere hostile to labor organizing and to ideologically justify anti-union policies.


Let’s talk a little about labor unions and wages.

It is a shibboleth on the right that labor unions are very bad. But it’s hard for them to come right out and admit that they hate workers, so they’ve concocted an elaborate explanation for why unions are bad. Unions, you see, are like cartels or even monopolies. By setting aside competition and agreeing to Bartali collectively, workers in unions are interfering with the efficient functioning of the market, stealing from employers, and hurting non-union workers.



In a far cry from the days of Don’t Be Evil, a US judge vowed to investigate Google for intentionally and systematically suppressing evidence, calling the company’s conduct “a frontal assault on the fair administration of justice.”

This is due to the fact that Google’s internal chats are set to auto-delete messages even though they were supposed to be preserved due to legal proceedings.

It’s hard to imagine a company as technically savvy as Google doing this by mistake.

I have a question about academic job applications.
Is it a pretty universal rule that your recommendation letter writers should be senior to you in academic rank? Obviously this is true for people applying out of their PhDs and Post-Docs, but is it also true of tenured but-not-full professors? What are the general rules of thumb here?

#philosophy #academia #academicchatter @academicchatter

If the goal of your civics curriculum is to instill patriotism, then it isn't education - it's indoctrination. Critical thinking isn't merely slighted; it's actively discouraged: is.gd/78kOaG.
When you think about it, that project may also reflect insecurity about what's being sold. Whitewashing - denying the foundational racism, ignoring the worldwide human cost of our empire - wouldn't be necessary if we thought kids would love their country even after knowing all the facts.

Lots of research (reviewed in my book No Contest) shows that participating in competition undermines moral development and generosity, but one of those studies, by developmental psychologist Norma Feshbach, really stands out. It found that merely growing up with a competitive parent is enough to reduce a child's empathy - sort of like the health risks of breathing secondhand smoke.

You have to question everything, always. Who, what, why, where.

I think it's strange that people think they know everything that government is doing. Negotiation does not take place in public.

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