Remember the "Don't Say Gay" law that only applied to 3rd grade and younger? Guess what?

DeSantis moves to expand 'Don't Say Gay' law to Florida high schools

The proposed expansion, which does not require legislative approval, would ban lessons about sexual orientation and gender identity from grades 4 to 12, with limited exceptions.

#DeSantis #Florida #Fascist

Big news: a judge just blocked Wyoming's abortion ban.

Why? Because of language that *conservatives* put in the WY constitution last decade to enshrine health care choice... as their way to attack Obamacare.

We explained that legal twist, & why you should see it coming, last week in @bolts!

Testing mandates narrow instruction, leading us to devalue critical areas like arts, music, civics, & more. Unlocking the diverse brilliance of our kids requires us to offer opportunities across many subjects to spark their curiosity & passions. #MoreTeachingLessTesting

"Whiteness is the eradication of culture in exchange for privelege."

Is a quote that I heard today on Cool Peope Who Do Cool Stuff that explains 3 separate things that I haven't been able to square in my mind.

1. People of color, like Enrique Torres, in the Proud Boys.

2. Why I was raised as a poor Southern white male and not an Irish/Scottish American. My ancestors gave up their culture, in exchange for whiteness.

3. The existential angst that many white males experience.

#Whiteness #TTJ #ChristianNationalism is just #WhiteSupremacy in bible drag.

This is why the DeSantis administration had to falsify their complaints against venues that hosts these shows.

The reality is benign.

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No, no, no, God damnit, Washington Post, this is not a "new normal." The point you should be making is just how abnormal this is. But instead you quite literally normalize the criminal running for president.
Trump campaign prepares for ‘new normal’: Running under indictment

1. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is reportedly closing in on an indictment of Trump.

In response, Trump and his allies have coalesced around a narrative: Bragg should forget about Trump and focus on "record crime" in NYC

These claims about crime in NYC are irrelevant and FALSE


The late James Moffett suggested this slogan for elite, selective schools: "Send us winners and we'll make winners out of them!"

Everyone with student debt right now.

"I'm something of a failed venture capital bank myself"

#StudentLoan #VC #WealthTransfer

Joe Tacopino, Trump’s lawyer:

A Trump indictment will cause “an all out war”

When there are no consequences for inciting violence against the government - it will only get worse

Guilty pleas are coming in right now in the Oath Keepers trial (the militia leaders that helped plan and carry out the attack on the capitol.)

Deterrence (one theory of punishment) doesn't usually work (I did the research for a published book; the DOJ studies concur.)

Incapacitation can work, but only temporarily (sentences are limited, inmates get hardened, etc.)

Luck in timing: Just as Trump needs another insurrection, the leaders of the last one are in court knowing he didn't help them.

now available: video of recent conversation between @hypervisible and @ruha9 about technology, racial justice, surveillance, privacy, education, and much more

The Confederacy lost the Civil War; Hitler lost World War II; Trump lost Election 2020. Racism and bigotry continue to be proven losers.

“MAGA” types, the ugliest Americans, can’t stand history, because it echoes truths that they don’t like to hear, and refuse to accept. My message to them:

You don’t own everything.
You don’t get to control everything, or anyone — with, perhaps, the exception of any minor children you may parent;
#MAGA #GOP #racism #bigotry

Mastodon will hit 10M in just a matter of hours.

Those that needed Twitter for professional reasons were surprised by how quickly Musk began to destroy Twitter, but now they have had months to be prepared for this moment.

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A special thank you to all major social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

Great job letting Trump back on so he can incite more riots before his impending arrest

And a big thank you to anyone still on those platforms—literally enabling them to do so


As they dye the Šikaakwa Siipiiwi (Myaamia: Chicago River) green, we're remembering it's significance, as a major traditional portage route between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River, as a place once abundant with šikaakwa (ramps).

People who try to find exceptions to everything annoy the fuck out of me.

You aren't being clever. You're just being trivial.

MUST WATCH: In this video, from April 5, 2018, Trump categorically denies knowing anything about the $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels

Trump claimed he doesn't know why Cohen made the payment or where he got the money

Everything he says here is a lie

White Texans dissolving local government to assert control over black Texans:

"the Texas Education Agency will replace Superintendent Millard House II and the district’s elected board of trustees with a new superintendent and an appointed board of managers"
#racism #Houston #Texas #BLM #education #uspolitics

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