@aazad Brain Science (wide range of topics, very accessible), Brain inspired (more in depth), OHBM Neurosalience (relatively nerdy, neuroimaging-focused), The error bar (short but hilarious) 👍


And this might be a long shot but any suggestions that cover complexity theory within the natural sciences? Or maybe just chaos dynamics in general?

@aazad Well, sorry, out of my comfort zone 😅 maybe ask again while tagging #complexity and #chaos. You can also follow and tag groups like @neuroscience and @neuro to reach more people

@aazad should we make one for South Asia and Southeast Asia? :))

@aazad For neuroscience podcasts, I've enjoyed listening to "Brain science with Ginger Campbell". Each episode, she reads a neuroscience book and then brings the author on to discuss it.

I also enjoyed "Neuroscientists Talk Shop", which is more of a discussion of the state of the art with various neuroscientists.

Others I've listened to:
"Brain inspired" - the host has good guests on, slightly more focused on AI and neuro interaction

"Neurotech pub" - More neurotech focused, as name implies

@lili They all sound like wonderful suggestions Lili, thank you so much.

@aazad For a broad overview you might want to try Brain Science with Ginger Campbell.


Found this (autogenerated?) list of 31 —not 35!— #neuropods

Top of my mind 3 not listed:

1 On Consciousness
by Bernard Baars w/ Natalie Geld & David Edelman

2 Neuro Transmissions
by @micah_psych & Alie Caldwell

3 Neuroscience & Philosophy Salon
by @PessoaBrain & Co


@neuroscience @cognition


Ohh I didn't know Bernard had a podcast too. Luis', I was already aware of, but Micah's is a new one.

Thank you again for the recommendations Teixi, really appreciate it

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