folks, help a middling undergrad out with some basic visual cognition woes? (at least, I assume it falls under that, but it's closer to a kind of visual agnosia, context-wise)

I'm struggling with the words to put them in the appropriate jargon so bear with me.

I'm looking for a a specific label or term as well as the benchmark metric re: visual information vs. detail in the following cases:

1) remembering how many letters are on a screen vs. the font the letters were in or other visual details

2) In a picture, remembering how many objects categorically (i.e. bicycle, car, ball, dog) vs. details (i.e. red bicycle, blue car, yellow ball, type of dog)

conceptually, does the recall of these qualities differ and is there a specific term for remembering some better than the other and if there are tradeoffs?

the context I have in mind is visual aphantasia and whether there's a qualitative vs. quantitative aspect to recall or reimagining visuals you've already seen or reconstructing memory

I hope this makes sense, any literature that covers something similar would be much appreciated

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