Good morning.

2021-01-22, 08:20, Friday. Plain black coffee with very high ratio, almost 10:1. I like it, though.

Yesterday I finished my fifth semester with science work report. Might as well write about my work here. So there are a lot of thermodynamic models of liquids. Modern ones are quite precise, but complicated and have a lot of maths involved. They are very useful to predict the reaction equilibrium or solution's properties, but because of their complexity you need to run them through computer. So people tend to create their own implementations of these models and use them, but diffirent implementations perform calculations slightly diffirently and this can affect results of the study.
The idea is to create a more or less versatile program with GUI, that would be easy to use by anyone and make results reproducible. I now managed to make a prototype with saving, loading and calculating quilibria. The core code of implementation is not mine, however, I use pre-coded model (my colleague made it) to create GUI and more or less intuitive logic around it. The entire thing is in C/C++ and runs quite smootly on binary systems.

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