2021-01-26, 06:50, Tuesday.
No coffee today since I'll need to do a blood test.
I am deeply concerned about the situation with COVID19 vaccine in my country. One of them is being used countrywide already, and this is an adenovirus-based vaccine. Some pharmacy companies has interrupted their trials of adenovirus based vaccines because of the side effects like polyneuropathy or cardyomyopathy.
But these are commercial companies that are interested in their own well-being. If they cell a vaccine and it kills or injures people, they will suffer consequences. Now, sputnik is a vaccine that is pushed a lot by the government that has a very long story of avoiding consequences of it's actions and ignoring the harm it caused.
So, today I'm doing this blood test to see if I even can take the vaccine because I am allergic to some things. And when the time comes I'd like to make an informed choice about which caccine to use and when.



Oh, neat, thank you. Unfortunately for such data to be meaningful it’s necessary to have statistics on how often the condition occurs in population. I’m way too busy to look the data up at the moment, but might do it later.

Also, we don’t have astrazeneca’s vaccine here, only hardcore sputnik. And I am yet to see any data - 3rd phase ends in May.

@academicalnerd I don't think any better data exists. Only a fraction of adverse effects are reported. In Sweden less than 0.25% if you assume that everyone has some adverse effect. There is early trial data, but the pharmaceutics companies can't be trusted to report it correctly.
I am also waiting for information about the Sputnik vaccine.
I think the list of adverse effects is very impressive in itself, even if the exact frequencies can't be established.

@academicalnerd In Sweden 100 out of 400 hospital workers who get the vaccine called in sick the next day. Official UK information says 13% has "systemic adverse effects" a week later.

@academicalnerd There are some frequencies here: Information for Healthcare Professionals on COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca. bit.ly/3eei5rO

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