2021-03-24, 15:30, Wednesday

One thousand words per day turned out to be a doable task. In two sittings, and this is a zero draft, but you have to start somewhere.

Now I need to prepare for a test on crystall chemistry. It is a surprisingly difficult subject that requires very few math and a lot of imagination and logic. I might do a short post here explaining some basic concepts once I’m done with the test.

Come to think of it, at this point most of the science I learn looks like some perverted wizardry. Let’s shine some light onto a powder, look at how it is reflected and compute it’s atomic structure from the result, huh. But the visible light’s wavelength is too big so let’s take a piece of copper and put it under a few megavolts, this should do the trick. It sounds like random bullshit but it is actually the way XRD works.

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