So I finally obtained clarity. Made laser correction, that is.

Going from -5.25 on both eyes to 100% clear picture is great. 10/10, would recommend. The process is painless, yet unpleasant. What baffles me is that it’s cheaper to buy clear vision that an iPhone. Hail capitalism.

I’ll describe the process. First, diagnostics are run to determine the cornea thickness. Then, in a wekk (one shouldn’t wear contact lenses over this week) the surgery begins. The nurse disinfects eyes and provides you with a nice hat, coat and a mask. You lie down on a table, a sterile cloth is put over your face.

A laser cuts cornea, surgeon puts it aside and another laser burns parts of the eye (the lens, I suppose) to change the focal strength. The cornea is then put back and the process is repeated on the other eye. Unpleasant sensations come mostly from fixators that keep eyelids in place, as well as the vacuum fixator for the eyeball. There is also an intense smell of burned fried eggs that comes from the eye when the laser is on.

If anyone has questions I’ll be happy to answer to the best of my abilities, but keep in mind that I’m not a medical professional.


I’ll make it clear that I decided to do this surgery now, even somewhat urgently, for two reasons.

1) Price. It has gone up 30% within the last month and I wouldn’t like to pay even more if there is a way to avoid it.
2) Spare parts. I have an idea about the way these lasers work, and they don’t last without new parts and maintenance. Which will be more difficult as the time goes on and logistics/sanctions make things more complicated.

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