I see on your blog you've got 3 different Fediverse identities

@darnell 🐘 (Mastodon)
@darnell 📸 (Pixelfed)
@darnell 📝 (WriteFreely)

I'm curious if that's necessary, or is it possible to run all these services on one identity?

@acjay I could technically run all of these instances on separate subdomains (under one domain).
But having them on separate domains helps me navigate around the Instance Wars & International bans between raging powers.
In essence I become a “leaf on the wind” (watch how I soar):

@acjay Another reason is that I use them differently.
- #Mastodon > informal microblogging
- #Pixelfed > Photography
- #WriteFreely > informal long form blogging
- #Matrix > Chatting
- #WordPress > formal long-form blogging
- #Tumblr 1 > Random Personal thoughts
- #Tumblr 2 > mix/collection of inspirations
I use other sites too. Maybe I should post about it later‽ 🤔🤪

@darnell makes sense to me! I kinda like the idea of having a single identity, but maybe that's not realistic

@acjay It depends. I know the site TCHNCS ( has numerous instances underneath one domain. The website SDF ( also maintains a number of sites in the subdomain under their control.

@acjay I think Tumblr might be the closest to what you are looking for, especially when they embrace the Fediverse.
Tumblr can be a blog (with custom domain), as well as a Twitter-like social network. Also a photography site too depending on the theme. Example (best viewed on computer, tablet or iPad to see difference):
Layout changes based on the link.

@darnell Damn, that's pretty cool! I've never tried Tumblr before. Might have to check it out. It's cool that Mastodon users might soon be able to follow Tumblr users. It would be interesting to merge my blog and social media.

@acjay Yeah, Tumblr right now is building out capacity, as I think they see the writing on the wall with Twitter.
Several Mastodon or mastodon-based instances are busy building out capacity as well they see the 💩 is about to hit the fan.

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