What bugs me about these rants is that if he's right, and ATProto is unnecessarily complicated for no good reason, then surely there's nothing to worry about for people who like the ActivityPub ecosystem.

Sam :verified:  
Fucking Christ the @protocol is the most obtuse crock of shit I've ever looked at. It is complex solely for the sake of being complex and still suf...

But I get frustrated when people talk about the same things being possible in ActivityPub that ATProto claims to be designed for. Someone should go ahead and make it, then. Otherwise, it's fine if another person wants to do it the way they feel like.

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It all feels like sour grapes that Bluesky released a not even half finished product and got lots of notoriety. They obviously did something right. Try to figure out what that is, if you want your network to be more appealing

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@acjay I don't think they did anything other than build the elusion of exclusiveness.
I see many of it promises to do x and a few big names headed over there. But other than that, ya very unfinished. I do think that the URL being on staging is funny

@hicksca It's not just an illusion of exclusivity, it's *literally* exclusive. The only way to get on is to know someone with an invite.

I think that has made it a really enjoyable experience. But it's very unclear whether that can scale to an open network, let alone a decentralized one.

@acjay looks the that ended quickly. Looks like most are back on twitter that did jump over to mastodon fully

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