There are many alternatives to fossil fuels, including wind and solar power. So corporations and governments must stop putting profit before people because there is no alternative to clean air.

Respect people's right to breathe #CleanAirNow >>



🐙 This repo is insane! Around 800 Computer Science online courses ranging from intro to machine learning to probabilistic graphical modeling to math for CS.

I am sure there is at least one useful course for everyone.


@yogthos, there is a number of long-lived and widely-used sorting algorithm implementations that were proven to be incorrect:

As programmers, We have to become aware of ever-growing size and complexity of software we develop, and consequently give up on the "trust me, I know what I'm doing"-mode of operation. We should embrace techniques that help us to deal with the sheer complexity of software, and #functionalprogramming and #typetheory are such techniques.


Congrats to DuckDuckGo on reaching 100 million daily search queries! 🎉

It's amazing to see a privacy-first Google alternative making such great progress! I personally contribute with a few searches every day 😀

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