Birdsite, toxicity in academia 

Spent a bit more time on bird site again. Immediately saw multiple senior level professors attack people , dismiss scientific ideas & defend toxic behavior (e.g. sexism, harassment) with stuff like “it surely wasn’t intentional, can’t be that bad”.

I initially thought I wanted a recommendation algorithm & filtering here. With each day I’m more & more convinced that I no longer do.

The only consolidation is that boosting such content, we now know who to avoid.

Birdsite, toxicity in academia 

It is interesting to me the different experiences people have; some have gotten lots of harassment on the Elephantsite, some really dislike the content on the birdsite and/or are harassed there.

My experience has been neutral, I guess. I didn't see what you did this weekend on the birdsite, have had an ok time with this site.

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