I've actually been reluctant to post more on Mastodon since the controversy on PoC being blocked for not using CW when talking about their shared experience.

As a WoC from a disadvantaged background, I care deeply about socio-economical issues and it's something I've always tweeted about.

I'm curious to know how other BIPOC are dealing with this, or if non BIPOC folks are adamant about using CW liberally.

@heidykhlaaf non-BIPOC, coming from the bird site and new to Mastodon. Patricia had a really good thread about CWs (link). For me, I would prefer CWs for video / images of violence (group 1 in the thread, similar to practice on Twitter). Otherwise, I don't need them, particularly for wildlife photos. They seem like tags or email subject lines, except some use a CW that is blank. (???)


@amytabb Exactly the thread I was referring to! Yeah I've noticed CW being used more for summaries than like "TW" content? So I'm like "Uhh what's the etiquette and why?"

@heidykhlaaf @amytabb I've seen someone mention that in the protocol the CW data is even tagged as "subject" - definitely gets used as a broad header then specific CW/TW elsewhere.

I find it unusual, as I'm only expecting people who have elected to follow me to see my posts, but it seems the way things get federated into local timelines means that non-followers might also cross paths with it if the post is set to global - thus "CW as a headline" to sale sale allow those people to skip it.

@denyerec @heidykhlaaf @amytabb

Oh, interesting.

Not sure I'd agree with that approach but it does make sense.

@wissewords @heidykhlaaf @amytabb I've even seen CW referred to as 'content wrapper'. If it said "subject" instead, and was designated a 50char micro-blog abstract, I suspect it wouldn't even attract debate.

Me? I'd appreciate CW's for sports posts :'D Next!

@heidykhlaaf It is confusing, and seems the CW etiquette is outlined (or not) by server. Mine says, "CW nudity, and spoilers."

Given that, I've seen reports of people getting DMs saying that they should CW their posts. My impulse is ... if you don't like that person's content, mute or block.

@heidykhlaaf If you want to expand all the CWs, there's a setting to change in preferences ->


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