Hi folks! I love that people have posted contact info from the bird site.

if websites: it is hard to keep up with your lovely new posts without RSS or updates via email (team RSS here). Or do you all have some other way? 👀

@amytabb I write to people hosting those websites + blogs asking for them to add RSS and then if they don't, I just let go and don't try to keep up :)

It's a pity so many people fail to see the need of including an RSS feed these days. I even find the most technical are often the most dismissive, which boggles the mind a bit!

@strickvl I tried to add the RSS feed from you .systems webpage ... no luck. Do you have RSS there, or is FeedBro letting me down?

@amytabb hmmm GOOD point! I just migrated to Quarto yesterday so not sure how that works. Let me see…

@amytabb Fixed :) Sorry about that, and thank you for pointing it out. Turns out that Quarto blogs don't have RSS turned on by default. I guess they consider that a feature, but from my perspective it's a def bug! If you refresh the page you should be able to auto-grab the feed from the <head> tag but there's also a button in the navbar as well.

@strickvl ooh thanks! I was able to find the feed. (Now, I've looked at the RSS for my own site, I may want to do some tweaking ...)

@amytabb follow on bird/elephant and hope to catch them mentioning the post, if their account has better signal/noise ratio than mine ;-)

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