I definitely think the medical angle on consciousness is the only one that neuroscience can make any useful contribution to. There will never be a way to separate the ability to respond to stimuli from a 'bare' subjective awareness. And the question of why there is subjectivity in the first place seems to me to be outside the domain of science.

More on this here. ๐Ÿค“



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Ok. New server, time to do an introduction post.

I'm Ted Han. I work at Mozilla right now. There I run Rally a data donation platform that's helped change healthcare data handling, student aid data and how companies handle your tax filing info.

In the past I ran DocumentCloud.org and helped a lot of journalists publish primary source documents.

I'm a scifi nerd and at one point worked at Ohio State's Cartoon Research Library.

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An #introduction:

I'm Alex Hanna, the Director of Research for the Distributed #AI Research Institute. I'm a #sociology PhD who has been studying #tech and society for over 10 years. I'm involved in #labor and #trans organizing, and am currently Chair of Sociologists for Trans Justice. I sometimes teach at Cal #Berkeley. The rest of my free time goes to #RollerDerby -- I skate, announce, and sometimes referee with Bay Area Derby in #Oakland.

Hi all, an #Introduction!

I am a #trans femme #researcher & #designer focused on community-led processes to build shared power, dismantle the matrix of domination, & advance ecological survival. I'm known for work on #DesignJustice. I'm Head of Research at OneProject.org & Associate Professor at Northeastern. I've authored 2 books and many pubs; my #book Design Justice: Community-Led Practices to Build the Worlds We Need (MIT Press) is freely available at design-justice.pubpub.org.

@andybaio Super helpful, thanks! Just curious, if the largest subset of my Twitter following is on a particular server (sigmoid.social) js it worth migrating over? I picked my current one using an online quiz lol, said Qoto is good for STEM stuff

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