These are all my non-academic articles published in 2022


4th January 2022

‘An important voice is raised up against Assisted Suicide’

7th January 2022

“The deadly inaccuracy of many prenatal tests”

11th January 2022

“Countries requiring vaccine passport to attend worship”

14th January 2022

“The female victims of anti-Christian persecution”

19th January 2022

“In Austria pharmacies are now allowed to sell suicide drugs”

26th January 2022

“A big victory for the rights of parents”


1st February 2022

“Officials warn against commercial overseas surrogacy”

4th February 2022

‘How during the pandemic couples have changed their plans to have children’

8th February 2022

“Radical assisted suicide organisation opens in Ireland to almost no reaction”

22nd February 2022

‘Here is a little science: religious practice is good for you’

23rd February 2022

‘Vendesi pillola per il suicidio fai-da-te nelle farmacie austriache’


4th March 2022

‘A new Irish law will allow for deliberate creation of semi-orphans’

9th March 2022

‘The review of the operation of Ireland’s abortion law’

10th March 2022

““do-it-yourself” Selbstmordpille in Osterreichischen Apotheken verkauft’

11th March 2022

‘Una soluzione alla “maternità surrogata” c’è: divieto totale’

22nd March 2022

‘A landmark victory for a pro-life doctor’

29th March 2022

‘A non-debate in the Dail about the Assisted Human Reproduction Bill’


5th April 2022

‘Europe’s growing anti-Christian intolerance problem’

12th April 2022

‘Oireachtas Committee told harsh facts of life about commercial surrogacy’

20th April 2022

‘An extreme exclusion zone law is debated in the Seanad’

26th April 2022

‘Yet another study confirms the benefit of religious practice’


9th May 2022

‘Marriage in Ireland continues its decline’

13th May 2022

‘How religious sisters are the real founders of modern nursing’

17th May 2022

‘Catholic healthcare better than the secular alternative’

24th May 2022

‘The poor state of marriage across the EU’

31st May 2022

‘Forcing religious run health centres to allow assisted suicide’


7th June 2022

‘Conscientious objection to abortion remains strong in Irish hospitals’

24th June 2022

‘Number of abortions in England hits new record of 214,869’

28th June 2022

‘Why Roe vs Wade was overturned’


5th July 2022

‘Ireland plays along another charade at the UN’

11th July 2022

‘The appalling recommendations of the surrogacy committee’

14th July 2022

‘More than 7,000 Irish women had abortions last year’

18th July 2022

‘The appalling recommendations of the surrogacy committee’

20th July 2022

‘Pro-choice campaigners no longer care how many abortions take place’

26th July 2022

‘The radical approach to sex education backed by the HSE’

29th July 2022

‘L’Irlanda sta legalizzando l’”utero in affitto”’

‘Italy to legalize uterus for rent’

31st July 2022

‘L’Irlande va légalizer la location d’utérus’


10th August 2022

’10,000 Canadians died by euthanasia last year’

12th August 2022

‘Archie Battersbee case was not black or white’

19th August 2022

‘Liberals still ignore the fact that family structure matters’

26th August 2022

‘Political ideology as a substitute for religion’


14th September 2022

‘Why governments should pay more attention to family stability’

17th September 2022

‘Più l’eutanasia è legale, più ammazza senza motivo’

21st September 2022

‘Exploring the link between family breakdown and anti-social behaviour’

23rd September 2022

‘Exploring the link between family breakdown and anti-social behaviour’

24th September 2022

‘The more euthanasia is legal the more it kills for no reason’

27th September 2022

‘Plus l’euthanasie est légale plus elle tue sans raison’

‘Government’s latest legislative programme bad news for pro-lifers’


3rd October 2022

‘The coming depopulation bomb’

6th October 2022

‘Je legaler die Euthanasie, desto mehr Menschen werden ohne Grund getötet’

10th October 2022

‘A partial victory for the right to life in European court’

15th October 2022

‘The happiness gap between conservatives and liberals’

21st October 2022

‘HSE pushes for exclusion zones outside abortion facilities’

28th October 2022

‘Poor mental health among young people linked to decline of religion’


11th November 2022

‘Extreme pro-abortion measures passed in three US states’

18th November 2022

‘How Covid curbs on church going harmed public health’

23rd November 2022

‘An Ireland without Down Syndrome’

28th November 2022

‘New report highlights worsening persecution of Christians’


7th December 2022

‘Canada slides right down the assisted suicide slippery slope’

16th December 2022

‘Government recognising commercial surrogacy in all but name’

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