I am surprised, why Indians do not demand or protest for absolute transparent, free & fair election through Ballot? Why?

It is a matter of shame; an average Indian is not aware about his / her rights, free and fair elections one of them.


@Amber "absolute transparent, free & fair election through Ballot" - like the days before the advent of Electronic Voting machines? I seriously think the medium have very less to do with the whole 'transparent. free and fair' election stuff.
ground reality is that Politics is a game of power, money and promises and no election is ever fought fair.

@anoop, Our generation or our next generation has to end this "power" games.
M.P. or M.L.A. simply means public representative. In true democracy :
Government = Public


@Amber Yes, but not practical - unless there is a country wide revolution. There will be always people who are attracted to easy money and power.

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