Tinkering with is one of those things where you have a cute little idea after dinner and all the sudden it’s 1am and I don’t even remember what I originally wanted to do

@anson I get it, but for me it's the opposite. I want to learn how to do one thing at a time, and get that working consistently, then move on to the next thing I want to add.

Thing I can't get working: shopping list notifications. It's irritating that I can't, but not debilitating.

Thing in slowly working on: motion/ presence activated lighting. Gonna pick up an mmwave sensor and see how it goes.

@jgkuper @anson I'll let you know. Won't be able to look at that for a bit. Thanks for the link! Much appreciated!

@jgkuper @anson still working on the motion lighting, specfically getting them to turn off when they should or having to use voice commands. A change in the trigger used helped get that closer to how I want. The mmwave sensor I ordered? I got shipped a zigbee gateway (price was the same) instead. I use it for a testing envirnment; may not need the mmwave sensor. Working on the shopping list notification now. found an error in my automation I just fixed. Using for now.

@jgkuper @anson still not working after i fixed my error. Time to start from scratch and try again. @jgkuper using the link you sent now...

Plus : the initial idea is already working for several hours ☺️

@anson LOL. HA is one of my biggest time sucks, especially when I'm trying to learn something.

@anson it’s what makes it so much fun! Or when you make a small change right before bed and it takes down your zigbee network.

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