I understand usage restrictions but chatgpt just restricted me for 2 hours and 15minutes with no prior warning, after I haven’t used the app for days

Seems a little excessive

@malderi they truly made rocket science look easy last night

Space hasn’t looked this good in a loooong time

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Congrats to ULA and Blue Origin for a successful and no-drama first launch of the Vulcan heavy booster.

I haven’t worked at ULA in about 6 months but seeing my rocket finally make it to launch is one of the most intense things I’ve watched. Go Vulcan!

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Passenger iPhone survived 16k foot fall and still working after getting sucked out of the Alaska Air flight that lost a door panel in flight.

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There's a new map style on OpenStreetMap.org! The Tracestrack Topo map from @tracestrack.

It's a mix of osm-carto and OpenTopoMap. It has many improvements: more tag support (busway, embankment, cuisine, solar plants, aquaculture, pitch, sea, tree etc.), CJK fonts, etc. There is
also better internationalisation: country specific road shields, peaks
using imperial system in the US, hierarchical place rendering in China, etc.
#OpenStreetMap #OSM #gischat #maps

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I’m very curious about the spatial video capture. What will the files look like? How huge will they be? Are they gonna contain effectively two video tracks and have the client stitch them together or is it just one kinda weird, distorted video with a lot of data baked into it?

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I’ve spent much of this year examining car bloat, the process through which smaller vehicles are being replaced by increasingly massive SUVs and trucks.

What I’ve learned: Huge cars are terrible for society, often in ways that are hidden.

Some basic facts:
◆ >80% of US car sales are now trucks/SUVs.
◆ Models keep expanding. For example, the F-150 is now ~800 lbs heavier and 7 inches taller than in 1991.
◆ EVs can make the problem worse due to huge batteries.

Continued (THREAD)

#cars #climate

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When an app asks for permissions, the OS should not only let you answer yes or no. Every category should havev a "yes, but feed the app fake data" option.

Want my contacts for no reason? Have these generated fake ones! Wanna listen to my microphone? Here's random ambiance sounds! Location? I'm on a tiny 5x5m island!

Hell yeah! Put it all in your databases!

Actively sabotaging and punishing services wins over boycotts any day.

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Seems like a good day for a reminder of how quick studios are to screw over writers. In 1999, NBC moved a series from their regular network to Sci Fi Channel. My pay went from $240,000 to $0. Because my contract paid "per broadcast episode" instead of just "per episode."

The series ran. I just got nothing.

It’s interesting that @brave AI rarely cites the top few search results in its answer

Coming up on 10 years of writing and I still have no clue this to properly install it and manage it. Docker seems overkill but it seems like the easiest way to get the version I want installed and without environments overlapping

My Uber driver is letting his Tesla autopilot take me to my destination. I would be mad but I let an IDE do my job all day every day

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If you drag an emoji family with a string size of 11 into an input with maxlength=10, one of the children will disappear.

Bird site made me remove 2 factor auth from my account because apparently only blue subscribers are eligible for good security practices

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Hey, folks. Big layoffs at DigitalOcean today, and my team and I were hit. In fact, so was my adjacent team, and a good chunk of my department. I don't have much reach here on Mastodon yet, but if anybody wants to discuss opportunities for a technical editor / writer / manager of same, I'm up for it.

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