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Qoto new weekly signups appears to have peaked on Nov 11 at 4838 for that days trailing 7 days: qoto.org/web/statuses/10932507

Today, it was only 129: qoto.org/web/statuses/10944823

That's the lowest since Oct 29, when daily signups started increasing: qoto.org/web/statuses/10944823

Not sure how this compares to the trend in other instances. I blindly speculate that other servers haven't seen the same decline and the conflict between instance operators is impacting Qoto. Which is unfortunate, because from my tiny vantage point, Qoto seems well run, and I don't see its policy of very limited blocking of other instances having negative consequences.

Nonetheless, I want to have one Fediverse presence and want to be able to interact with people on Qoto and on other instances that suspend Qoto, so I may have to migrate.

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for folks who don't know, google specifically has like, the Most Advanced C++ Bug Catching/Mitigation Tools, to the point that they *took over the development of clang*

just using rust instead, even with 'unsafe' parts, completely blew all of that out of the water! holy shit!

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Can't even escape diet culture in Advent of Code, I see.

Advent of Code Day 2 in Rust 


use itertools::Itertools;use std::fs;pub fn run() {    println!("Day 2:");    let input = fs::read_to_string("./inputs/day2.txt").expect("Could not read file");    println!("\tPart 1: {}", part1(&input));    println!("\tPart 2: {}", part2(&input));}#[derive(PartialEq, Clone, Copy)]enum Hand {    Rock = 1,    Paper,    Scissors,}#[derive(Clone, Copy)]enum Outcome {    Lost = 0,    Draw = 3,    Win = 6,}fn part1(input: &str) -> usize {    input        .trim()        .split('\n')        .map(|round_str| {            let round = round_str.split_once(' ').unwrap();            let opponent = match round.0 {                "A" => Hand::Rock,                "B" => Hand::Paper,                "C" => Hand::Scissors,                _ => panic!(),            };            let me = match round.1 {                "X" => Hand::Rock,                "Y" => Hand::Paper,                "Z" => Hand::Scissors,                _ => panic!(),            };            let outcome = match (opponent, me) {                (l, r) if l == r => Outcome::Draw,                (Hand::Rock, Hand::Paper) => Outcome::Win,                (Hand::Paper, Hand::Scissors) => Outcome::Win,                (Hand::Scissors, Hand::Rock) => Outcome::Win,                _ => Outcome::Lost,            };            outcome as usize + me as usize        })        .sum()}fn part2(input: &str) -> usize {    input        .trim()        .split('\n')        .map(|round_str| {            let round = round_str.split_once(' ').unwrap();            let opponent = match round.0 {                "A" => Hand::Rock,                "B" => Hand::Paper,                "C" => Hand::Scissors,                _ => panic!(),            };            let outcome = match round.1 {                "X" => Outcome::Lost,                "Y" => Outcome::Draw,                "Z" => Outcome::Win,                _ => panic!(),            };            let me = match (outcome, opponent) {                (Outcome::Draw, _) => opponent,                (Outcome::Win, Hand::Rock) => Hand::Paper,                (Outcome::Win, Hand::Paper) => Hand::Scissors,                (Outcome::Win, Hand::Scissors) => Hand::Rock,                (Outcome::Lost, Hand::Rock) => Hand::Scissors,                (Outcome::Lost, Hand::Paper) => Hand::Rock,                (Outcome::Lost, Hand::Scissors) => Hand::Paper,            };            outcome as usize + me as usize        })        .sum()}

Advent of code day 1 in rust 


fn part1(food_input: &str) -> usize {    food_input        .split("\n\n")        .collect::<Vec<&str>>()        .into_iter()        .map(|elf| {            elf.split_whitespace()                .map(|food| food.parse::<usize>().unwrap())                .sum()        })        .collect::<Vec<usize>>()        .into_iter()        .max()        .unwrap()}
fn part2(food_input: &str) -> usize {    let mut elves_calories = food_input        .split("\n\n")        .collect::<Vec<&str>>()        .into_iter()        .map(|elf| {            elf.split_whitespace()                .map(|food| food.parse::<usize>().unwrap())                .sum()        })        .collect::<Vec<usize>>();    elves_calories.sort_by(|l, r| r.cmp(l));    elves_calories[..3].iter().sum::<usize>()}
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The best dating advice I ever got was to remember that if someone ghosts me, they were probably a hired assassin who fell in love and couldn't finish the job.

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"the secret scientists don't want you to know!!" Dude have you ever met a single scientist? My scientist friends are desperate for me to know about the changing mating habits of Brown marmorated stink bugs. They're screaming at the top of their lungs to tell you EVERYTHING.

The amount of work it takes to maintain header files in is honestly absurd

@wezm compared to mid 80s fortran this was probably a godsend

Any users out there notice service has been steadily degrading?

@gianlubaio framework laptops are all the rage right now

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ATTENTION EVERYONE WRINGING THEIR HANDS OVER “#MASTODON ADMINS CAN READ MY DIRECT MESSAGES”: #SysAdmins have *always* been able to read your #email and DMs unless encrypted, including at the big #SocialNetworks and Internet providers. We used to have t-shirts that said, “I READ YOUR EMAIL.”

It’s just hitting now because you got used to places where the admins were kept away in their cubicles and data centers instead of greeting you at the front door.

#privacy #security #InfoSec #cybersecurity

re infosec.exchange 

@ambihelical @fasterthanlime Awesome resource thanks!

re infosec.exchange 

@ambihelical @fasterthanlime

Just curious is there a list of servers that have qoto blocked?

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I’ve been practicing No vember, where for the whole month I simply don’t

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NASA's Artemis-1 Orion capsule has reached its 1st perilune. It flew behind the moon and successfully did the OPF (outbound powered flyby) burn.

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Interested in the automated discovery of physical equations from data? Check out Julius's talk on DataDrivenDiffeq: a #julialang #sciml #symbolicregression #SymbolicAI package which lets you give time series data and returns the equations which generated the data. It even generates the LaTeX!


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