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I'm really not worried about Mastodon scaling issues at all.

When I left Twitter in 2008, we had roughly twice as many users as the current combined Mastodon network, all running on one MySQL server that had the same specs as a high-end 2013 MacBook Pro, plus roughly 10 web servers and 5 queue servers.

To be fair, growth wasn't as rapid, and we had local-infra advantages over federated systems, but these problems are solvable and I have no doubt will be fixed soon.

*Hugops to all admins!*

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Tech layoffs 

Great talk about tech layoffs today by @bcantrill and @ahl on their Twitter Space.

A couple of thoughts afterwards, if you’re laid off:
* don’t sign anything in the room. Let them know you’ll be speaking with an employment lawyer.
* actually go speak to an employment lawyer. Even if their answer is “yeah, they did it right”, the peace of mind is worth it
* get into whatever post-layoff gossip you can. People often set up Slacks or Discords. Text everybody. People help each other.

Since I don’t wanna be left out,

I’m an currently working as a at on modelling and simulation for the - hoping to increase the worlds access to

Free time is a lot of working in and the occasional model. Most up to date info at

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