"Mastodon Is 'Antiviral' Design"

My essay on this: clivethompson.medium.com/masto

Twitter (and most big social media) is laser-focused on creating virality -- i.e. training the joint attention of millions of people on one hot post/meme/story/event happening *right this instant* ... and doing it over and over and over again

Mastodon really isn't -- for lots of rich and interesting reasons

It's why some emigres from Twitter find Mastodon so baffling

This place embraces slowness and useful friction


A great post on fediverse and twitter! 


Thanks Clive.
IMHO, this is a must read post for _anyone_ who wants to understand and .

May I take the liberty with your permission, Clive, to suggest those who may find themselves behind Medium's paywall to use `scribe.rip` in place of 'medium.com', 🙂

A great post on fediverse and twitter! 

@arinbasu Sure, absolutely!

The more readers on this one the merrier

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