Imagine you're a visually impaired Mastodon user and your screen reader encounters a post that says something like "A stunning view I saw this morning" or "This is hilarious." But the image is the equivalent of what you see below: a blank. Wouldn't it be frustrating to encounter post after post like that?

Describe images. It's an act of love. Describe them as you would to a dear friend you were talking to on the phone.

Great toot. We should all make the effort with image descriptions. There is also a helpful bot account here on mastodon called Please Caption. If you follow it, every time you post an image without a description it sends you a message to remind you that you can redraft the post, adding the image description. It's useful if you're like me and are but just a bit too old/stupid/forgetful to remember.

Please Caption Bot


@ProjectFearlessness @bodhipaksa
It's not just about any caption, it's about writing a caption so that you won't have to see the image if you do not have to.

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