Angel or demon?
Original painting process is on my Instagram. Posted it first on TikTok but it's been removed for a "sexual content" because the base model was naked.
Now I put something on video to cover her breasts, so TikTok can allow me to post the video.
Prints of this image is available if someone is interested.

Here is just a glimpse of my new illustration. It's explicit and I am not going to post it fully here but you can see it on my website.
You even can subscribe for adult content and receive my art straight on your email address!

Spoiler: three demons and a beauty :)
More coming!

It's been awhile since I posted last time here. My latest illustration, available for prints or cover on my website
Original is nsfw and you can also find it on my website :)

More music album covers are now available on my website
Prices starts just from 10 euros.
If you need art for your music tracks, Spotify, YouTube channels, blogs, vlogs, magazines or personal journals you can follow me on Instagram
Every day I post something new.

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