I am creating Zodiac signs. This is Capricorn. Original is nsfw but I put on some clothes just to post it freely. I post regularly on Minds. You can find me there by the same name.

The biggest disadvantage here on Mastodon is that here are no groups where you can join like minded people....I am on Minds now minds.com/art_zdesiseitsas/. I regularly post there my fantasy art. Also I created there a group "Cats and Spirituality" where anyone can post all positive things, from cute animals and travel pictures to quotes and memes on spirituality, matrix, chaos magic and whatever will make your day brighter. Join me there if you wish :)

Well, i am really sorry to say that here on Mastodon there is not enough interaction for me. I will be back here maybe once in a week or so. For all my subscribers - I registered in Minds and be posting there regularly, so if you like my art, you can follow me there. Minds is pretty similar to FB, nice people, a lot of groups to join and you can make money there. So, see you there! minds.com/art_zdesiseitsas/?re

Personification of the Earth Element.
If someone is tired of politics, wars, news, viruses, you can follow my page. I post here just fantasy art and nothing else. Welcome and enjoy!

Personification of the Air Element. Fire and Water you can find on my page already. Earth and Spirit I will post in the next few days.
Also, I don't know if I should continue post my art here, because I don't know if you like it. It's really important to artists to know if people appreciate their work.... If you like my art and would like me continue posting it here in Mastodon, take a second to upvote it, to press like, or write the comment, what ever. Or on this platform there no art lovers and I am waisting my time? :(

I am still getting used to this platform and i am confused a little bit.
1. There is no way I can comment under people posts, right? Or I missed it somewhere?
2. I registered with Qoto Mastodon, but on Mastodon they ask me to register....How this works? So what I post is seen just in Qoto and not Mastodon ?

I am just wondering..... I was blocked on FB, but what happens to my "intellectual property"? All my images, memes, photos? I really would like to have them back, is it even possible? Isn't it considered a theft , that FB took it from me and not giving back? What we can do about our property there?

@gioypi it's a fantasy . Dreams, different realities, other dimensions....I don't what to tell more yet, because the story is still writing itself and I am not sure where it will turn :)

I am creating fantasy comic book. This is an image from it. I know, it's not exactly the comic style ( with black outline) And every image is taking many hours to make. But I love what I do! Enjoy :)

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