Continued and finished the homework from day 19.

The one problem dealt with showing that the Kullback–Leibler divergence is greater equal to zero with using the Jensen’s inequality.

The other problem dealt with showing the moment-generating function for the gamma distribution.


Homework: 2


Dealt with the step function in class. The image defines a step function. To my understanding it is right continuous, so wouldn’t it be an over estimate for functions that are $f’(x) < 0$ and thus in such a case the ceiling function would be better? Or does it not matter?


Class: 2

A question:

Let’s say we have a symmetric distribution around /(x=\alpha/). In this case is the expected value /(/mathbb{E}(X)=\alpha/)?

If the symmetric distribution is /(f(x)/), then what would be the median? Is it /(f(/alpha)/) or is it just /(/alpha/).

If anyone is interested, I participated in managing a talk about in a fishbowl style. The talk will be in German only and starts at 18:00 UTC+01


Falls jemand Interesse hat, macht das @privacycafe ein Talk über:

  • Warum ist Achtsamkeit beim Besuch einer Webseite und im Umgang mit Cookie-Bannern wichtig?

  • Was macht den Daten-Goldesel so wertvoll für Datenbroker?

  • Wo kann ich erhobene Daten einsehen?

Mehr Details: event.privacy-cafe.de/


First day that I did practical work. Only got through 1 of 3 homework problems. Got stuck on the second problem trying to prove why Kullback-Leibler divergence is greater equal to 0 with using the Jensen inequality. The case that it is equal to zero is easy to prove, the other one is causing the progress.


Homework: 1


Did another quiz, almost last minute.


Quiz: 1

"Most people don't really want the Truth. They just want constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth."

Friedrich #Nietzsche
#Quotes #EmotionalIntelligence

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Unexpected '{' on line 32


Read more into how to design graphs.


Material: 1


First time doing the quiz over the introductory info.


Quiz: 1


Always love it when the maths aligns so lovely, especially the case of the (e^x) and the (\Gamma(x)) function.


Class: 2

Wow! From a social media perspective, there's a lot of projects on Geminispace that look really appealing!

1. Station: a Gemini social media platform that supports TLS auth

2. The Midnight Pub: a social blogging/gathering ground for gemini users

3. Newswaffle: a tool that converts HTTP news pages into gemtext

This will be fun!

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*shuts down laptop*
I think that's enough internet for today

*picks up phone*
Let's see what the pocket sized internet is doing


Inversion functions, density function theorem, multi dimensional probabilities, mixed functions


Lecture: 3

𝗦𝗵𝗶𝘁’𝘀 𝗮𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝘁𝗼 𝗴𝗲𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹.

EU warns Musk that Twitter faces ban over content moderation.


I like the sound of nature at night, but sometimes you get a death metal cricket that just shreds outside your window. If you've ever gone outside to find, and shoe away this raging cricket with a flashlight, eagerly searching through the grass, you would know it seldom ends in success. Later we are often washed with a feeling of ridiculousness. If the cricket is persistent in 'one upping' the sound of a fully spooled jet engine nightly, would we destroy the whole yard? If we did, and it simply moved to the neighbors yard, would we build a giant wall and disown the neighbor? Probably not. As the cricket problem grows, we would eventually need to work together.

How do you think this applies to Mastadon?

Do you have advice on how to silence the renegade crickets of social media?

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a seal and a sea lion then HAVE I GOT THE CHART FOR YOU.

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