Numbers have power!

Which is better sharing the time or distance left.

Knowing that it’s less than an hour is usually better than knowing it’s 5 km, since 1 is less than 5.

Sharing 30 minutes left vs half an hour vs 3 km, usually the latter is more promising although it’s not the smallest number.

Now towards the end 10 more minutes is better than 1 km. Since minimal fractions of time feel like they vanish in a moments notice. Another descriptive is a handful of directions like one more right and left turn.

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If one gets tasked with the role navigator, one gets this hot mess handed to you.

Early in events it can be relative relaxing since one has the knowledge of knowing. Though as the event prolongs and the team becomes tired, some will start nagging at the question how much further.

In this case one can either shared an over estimate to the checkpoint or be concrete or an under estimate to motivate that it’s not that far.

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The roll of the navigator is both a blessing and a curse, since you always know what the distance is still left. This can also be the case if one in well versed in the local environment and knows the destination.

The reason being, knowing the distance can be a demotivator to continue. Since one intrinsically knows how grueling it will be to accomplish it.

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When comparing events between the States and Europe, it is really hard to remove time in an urban, especially Europe. Since most cities have at least a church, that either rings every 15 minutes or has a clock.

Further lots of stores have LED displays that have time as one of their roll through sequences. Or one can find the time on parking meters.

If one is native to the area then intrinsically already has a sense what time of day it is. Thus if one wants the hurdle of time, then make sure that one has not acclimatized to the region.

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This indeterminism is the biggest struggle for many, since all sense of time should be stripped.

The easiest way to achieve this is to remove all technology that can track time. Further one can events that start in the evening and end in the morning or events that happen in an indescriptive landscape with little to none shadow creation like walking on the fields on a cloudy day or through the forest.

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When I talk about digital privacy, there is always some smug genius who shrugs and tells me, "Who cares? We all know we don't have any privacy anyway." Nothing could be more wrong. Convincing you that the fight is already over to the way people in power get you to stop resisting.

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DailyBloggingChallenge (286/300)

Hot hints from events

What to expect from rucking events, specifically on the example of events.

First off, GORUCK purposely doesn’t share anymore info than the packing list, starting point and time, and minimum duration of the event. This is to void any specific training towards such events and limit possible expectations.

In general the key focus is rucking undetermined distances with various weight and weather conditions, and occasional workouts.



How do you perceive the fellow humans around you? Are they mean or are they nice or are they indifferent? Probably, you are portraying your currently emotional state onto them, which potentially could align, but in most cases won’t.

Thus, if one of the states will hindering you to act, then just change the state to the desired one for action.

For example if you want something from someone, assume they are nice and are welcoming your request. Or if you have a question during a meeting, assume the others are indifferent of your intelligence on the matter.

Why assume the negative when the positive is just as likely to be true.


An interesting observation is the acknowledgement of a spot either on an item of clothing or on oneself. One is quite hyper sensitive if one finds a spot on one’s clothing whereas in a similar situation, on another individual is less a factor.

This can be tested out quite easy with: how quick will one tell a fellow individual if they have some leftovers on their face or in their teeth. Usually one catches it quite quickly, though one is quite hesitant in pointing it out.

Thus the freakish oil or coffee stain on your trousers might not be perceived as poorly as you make out to be.


From late autumn to early there is only a brief time period when one efficiently survey and map ditches for . The reasoning being either covered by snow or by foliage.

The same can be said when exploring/discovering new paths that are hidden under foliage on satellite imagery. Since such paths, unless freshly cut, are hard to navigate along and one can lose one’s position on the path.


In the off chance that one is traveling in dusk or darkness make sure to have high visible clothing, reflectors, and a headlamp.

These equipment suggestions should also be considered during the day, especially in hunting prone zones.

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Traveling on larger roads with no footway might be an option to move fast, though it can be quite risky if there is a lot of traffic.

Alternatively, there are less traffic heavy options like service, residential, track, path, etc. options. By these cases the surface can become an inconvenience factor like a muddy or an overgrown track/path.

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There are definitely much more examples until one gets to highways.

Although most highways are more convenient than the previous mentioned examples, one factor one needs to consider by them is personal safety factor.

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Depending on the season farmland can be either more or less convenient than a forest. The same can be said for heath, grassland, or meadow.

Scree, rock, and sand depends if an incline exists as an inconvenience factor.

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The least convenient for most is water crossings; anything from large bodies of water like lakes or rivers all the way down to ditches or wetlands.

Next would be either a man-made barrier like a wall or building or a plant matter wall like scrub.

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Let us take the case that one is planning to explore a new region via foot using data. Then what should be the first amenities that should be mapped?

The first amenities should be anything that inconveniences travel while being outside of one’s comfort realm.


To extract the icon copy the outer (clip) of the embedded and save it in such a file.

Via the

echo '<clip>' > icon.svg

Open the newly created SVG with and modified as desired and extract as (alpha values required). Optionally instead WEBP or AVIF can be used.

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Let’s we want to create a shortcut to using and . Then the command is

firefox https://odysee.com/

The icon can either be found on the web or directly extracted from their website.

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