Today the newly fallen through havoc on the transport system in with most vehicles not even attempting to move. The southern Bavarian region got ca. 50 cm of snow since Friday at the forecast estimates it to continue to fall up to 80 cm.

It has been reported that the such a snow storm hasn’t happened in the last 20 years.

The annoyance of transit halt and cancelations are understandable. Further shoveling snow never really stops. If one plans to move about one should question the load baring capacities of trees, which can make matters much worse in a vehicle hindered system without necessary infrastructure if caught underneath.

The forecast for Sunday is to drop the temperature down to -15 °C before recovering on Monday. Flooding might be the next concern, since the forecast claims 5 °C for the weekend.


Though this is all good as long as one doesn’t get claustrophobic in the sleeping. That can then have the opposite effect.

There are two options to deal with this. The obvious one is to not use a sleeping bag. The other option is to use one that is wider and permits more movement.

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The benefits of a weighted blanket arise from the benefits of pressure therapy, which has its origins in deep massage therapy. This means that the extra weight of the blanket is a passive method of still raking in the benefits from a deep massage. This might be the optimal solution for individuals who have social anxiety and/or hate being touched.

The irony is that individuals that can benefit the most from pressure therapy is exactly the same crowd that avoids human-to-human interaction the most. These are individuals on the spectrum and/or combating and/or .

Through the application of pressure one’s heart rate is reduced thereby putting the individual into a relaxed or recovery state. Once in such a state, quality can improve, thereby making the initial conditions more manageable.

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The best technique to stay warm in a cold room is cocooning while sleeping. This technique consists of creating a cocoon around one’s body and a sleeping bag has this shape prebuilt into its structure.

The downside of going without a sleeping bag is that one is more prone to breaking out during , since most people shift during slumber.

The setup I follow is: first a sleeping bag, on top of that a crochet merino wool weighted blanket, and finally a cover to entrap the rest of the heat that could have left through the crochet holes.

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Further supposedly it boosts the sleep quality on average, especially if the temperature range is between 15 - 18 °C.

Though this is only true, if one has warm enough covers to counteract the coolness like a weighted blanket or a sleeping bag.

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The only benefit of having a room during the is that if one has comfortably dressed oneself warm, more than likely, one will be able to go outside without any additional layers for a couple of minutes.

A cold room is categorized as a room when one can wear the clothes for outside comfortably inside, e.g. coat, hat, gloves, thick socks, snow pants, etc.

There are two problems that are coming for Mastodon of which apparently an awful lot of people are unaware. These problems are coming for Mastodon not because of anything specific to Mastodon: they come to all growing social media platforms. But for some reason most people haven't noticed them, per se.

The first problem is that scale has social effects. Most technical people know that scale has technological effects. Same thing's true on the social side, too.


Have you ever unconsciously filmed yourself? The question comes from the idea of bettering oneself and from rewatching the recording one can pinpoint habits that one would like to change like the slouching tortoise pose which most desk jockies are way too familiar with.

Of course one can try to change such habits with internal motivation, though getting to see oneself doing the unintended activity will be bettered branded into one’s mental image of oneself.


that in the hunters have a contract with the farmers in their region, where the hunters are liable if the crop is destroyed through wild game. Thus farmers and hunters almost live in a symbiotic relationship, the hunters have the duty to remove the pest and the farmers permit the hunters to hunt on their area.

The typical example of a poor hunter are bald spots in crop fields. This is usually due to boars digging up in the area, especially prone during months when food is scarce. Killing off a couple pigs usually scares them away for some time before returning back to the crime scene.

Of course the farmers could always claim that the bald spot was due to poor management of game, where the hunter can hire a specialist to vet the area to reduce the liability cost.

Depending on the hunting region and area size, it is typical to set the liability limit at 20,000€. This is about the cost if 10-15 farmers lost their crop yield within the area.


Looking back at the example, life is not as smooth sailing. Since at every turn or action there is an obstacle in the way to tip the scale ever so slightly towards quitting.

One’s job is to identify these blockers and put in an action plan how to overcome them.

For example one is hiking along a trail and tree fell on to it, one can either go around, over, or under it.

As one continues on the trail there would have been a stream crossing though the bridge is washed out. Options of tackling the obstacle are going through, jumping over it, or navigating to a different bridge.

These were some examples of dealing with physical blockers, though most of life consists of intangible ones that possibly can be manifested away from physical ones.

For example the hunger is so strong that one cannot think clearly. The solution is to eat something while maintaining one’s sanity i.e. that the food consumed doesn’t trigger another avoidable blocker.

These were simple examples and life consists of an interlinked chain of triggers; find them and tweak them to get the desired result.

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Sadly I failed the challenge with a ruck weight of 20lbs, since I started the challenge with bad knees and at the 831 rep from 1000, the pain was so great that I just continued without the weight.

Additionally every 100 reps I did 10 push ups and once I reached 1000 reps, I continued until everyone finished with the added challenge of doing 5 push ups every 25 reps. This means I totaled 1400 step ups and 180 push ups.

After the challenge I initially felt it more in the arms and now 2h later also in the knees.

My Ruck Club  
Today the #MRC (#MunichRuckingCrew) hosted the #Chad1000x challenge and 13 people showed up. From them 3 finished the RX challenge, which is doing ...


When looking at the performance of desired behaviors, only a fraction of the time, 80-100% of quality is achieved.

The typical approach is to achieve the quantitative behavior and assume that this equates to max quality. Since if one put in the time, sweat, and tears, then it must be correct!?

Let’s say an associate gave you the task to move from point A to point B and you marked the destination on a map with their confirmation. You arrive at point B and there is no associate to be found anywhere, only to learn that the associate actually meant point C.

Now one can question who/what is at fault?

  • Are you at fault for going to the wrong point?
  • Is the associate at fault for giving poor instructions/directions?

One can play the blame game, but this won’t create an action plan on how to handle a similar problem in the future.

The simplest solution is to first get the goal coordinates in an objective manner directly from the associate. Once this is clear, then invite any suggestions on how the associate would do the task. Since it is a suggestion, this still keeps the playing field open for you to acquire your own strategy.

From the example one sees that getting to point B the quantity was achieved, though the quality was not 100%. To achieve the complete quality, one had to go more quantity.

Ideally, one would structure the quantity in such a way that it stays minimal and passes the quality check. Since each additional start and stop puts a cognitive load. This in return increases the chance of quitting ever so slightly every time. So as long as the scale for completion is tipped in its favor, all is golden.

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Psychology categorizes into three areas: biological, social, and cognitive.

Cognitive motivation is the one that can make or break a person. It is the one creates addictive vice and virtue behaviors like binge watching a show vs studying new info to further one’s career.


The three mushroom brews from Super U (the company doesn’t exist anymore) was a cheaper alternative to Four Sigmatic. After trying both brands the effects were quite similar.

The mushroom brew twist on existing brews like coffee, hot chocolate, or matcha, gives them a mild boost.

The main mistake that was done is buying in bulk and letting the powder go stale and/or rancid. Thus the best practice is to exchange powders that prone to this quickly into air tight containers to extend their shelflife.

In the future will be buying the ingredients separate and making my own mixtures.


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Happy #JellyfishDay! The oceans are increasingly full of these gelatinous invertebrates, provoking a range of responses in humans, from disgust to awe. The biologist and artist Ernst Haeckel was most certainly in the latter camp... buff.ly/3q2G03j


The black pepper (Piper nigrum) tincture was created as a mild stimulant similar to the effects of cannabis. The idea was to bind to its terpenes to create a more potent sensation (medicalnewstoday.com/articles/).

Terpenes are highly aromatic compounds that determine the smell of many plants and herbs,

This is a reason why such plants are used in aroma therapeutics, among other use cases.

When looking at black pepper its terpenes are pinene and beta-caryophyllene or BCP (leafly.com/news/science-tech/c). The BCP binds to one of the same receptor as THC, the CB2 receptor, which regulates pain and inflammation.

More resources:

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Portugal just ran on 100% renewables for six days in a row

For nearly a week, the country of 10 million met customer needs with wind, hydro and solar — a test run for operating the grid without fossil fuels.


I am not even coming to your holiday party unless you have a Tree-Rex:


How does one know if the brew has gone bad?

There is the taste test. If the brew taste weird, e.g. by coffee obnoxiously bitter, then the coffee has gone rancid.

There is the stomach pain test. Supposedly one has drank a bit too much of the brew, then the body will reply with unpleasant cramps. These can be so bad that one loses appetite for days, thus could be an option for forced fasting.

There is the food poisoning test. If the brew has achieved to be initially processed by the body, though the microflora of the gut doesn’t agree with it, the toilet will be your new best friend for the next time period.

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The tincture uses a glycerine base. Here is how to make it:


The nice thing with base tinctures are that they are sweet, so if you add it to black/green , no additional sugar is needed.

The downside of glycerine is that it expires quite quickly. Usually one will get 3-6 months, before it goes bad.

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