Steam has announced that they will stop using Google analytics, and instead developing their own traffic analyzing solution with a focus on user privacy

#Steam #Valve #googleanalytics #WebTraffic #internet #Privacy

The #foraging season is in full effect! Lots of good stuff around these days: wild garlic (Bärlauch), lungwort (Lungenkraut), deadnettle (Taubnessel, stinging nettles (Brennnessel), bulbous comfrey (Beinwell) and of course dandelions (Löwenzahn). I also found some lesser celandine but the advice is not to eat it once it's flowering so I decided to pass.

Somehow people still miss the point of why #OpenSource is not a victory and #FreeSoftware is the one that actually matters.

I find that this article spells it out quite clearly & plainly:


If we lose the Internet Archive, we’re screwed

When Julius Caesar burned the Library of Alexandria, it was hard to imagine a greater destruction of scholarship. Now, 2,000 years later, some petty, litigious schmucks are ready to deal an even bigger blow to the literary canon.

This is fundamentally a strike against taxpayer-funded public services by corporations and private individuals.

"If governments were serious about countering abuses of surveillance technologies, they would take aim at the data brokers operating in the west, and not just politically convenient ­targets" < This is really good on the context around banning #tiktok by @ethanz #tiktokban

A little-known fact about Mastodon is that when you move your account, it gets put on a truck and then shipped to the new server. Here, for instance, are users employing I-195 to move between servers.

Black dads are *more* involved in both early childhood activities like bathing and diapering, and school aged activities. From the CDC:

A larger percentage of Black dads
(41%) had helped their coresidential children with homework every day in
the last 4 weeks compared with
white (28%) dads.

Only 30% of white dads take their own kids to activities every day, vs 42% of Black dads.

71% of white dads talk with their kids about their day, vs 79% of Black dads.

Etc, etc.

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In countries around the world drunk driving is illegal though it seems like driving with paranoia is acceptable. So why don’t drunk drivers argue that they have paranoia instead?

Reading more on search with #Mastodon. After reading about #Searchtodon and @anildash lastest piece I then read this one from @ben on his $0.02 and efforts to build a bot to detect scrapers.

I'm still forming my opinions (maybe more on that later) but Ben covers a few corners of the discussion I haven't seen brought up yet.


A nearly 104-year-old comic, first published in March, 1919, that depicts what would happen if "pocket telephones" were invented.


The second portion of the challenge has finally started today. This part includes that a requirement is at least one practice problem or 25 min of reading. Also might start tracking the time spent during such study sessions and hoping to see at least 100 min effort per day on average.


Class: 2


Things not to do is wait for the last 7h to turn in the homework… well that is one way to do an all-nighter. Will be skipping class that would have started in 3h.


Homework: 1


Getting the last parts of homework done.


Homework: 1


Still using the old system, so still homework.


Homework: 1


That concludes the first 50 days of the challenge. It will be extended by at least a month, since that’s when approximately finals are. For the second portion, I will probably add additional criteria.


Homework: 1

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