Just finished developing the newest version of the script “Minds Limitlezz” for the social media .

It now comes with an integrated widget and an auto scroller feature.


Newly learnt:

  • how to use MutationObserver over addEventListener
  • how to do inline psuedo elements
  • how to setup ssh with multiple users on the same git repo hoster

Here are some aliases I implemented

  • git co <branch-name> to git checkout <branch-name> (activate with git config --global alias.co checkout)
  • git com to git checkout master (activate with git config --global alias.com "checkout master")
  • git R to git restore . (activate with git config --global alias.R "restore .")
  • git A to git add . (activate with git config --global alias.A "add .")

Can also have specific branch aliases only, where you just have to replace --global with --local within the specific branch.

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Since I made the pot for two cups, it seems like the spiciness settled to the bottom and the second cup is hotter than the first one.

Might need to look into binding agents, since the peppermint flavor was lost with the second cup.

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Experimenting with additives. Today testing out coffee plus Tabasco and oil.

Through all the ingredients in pre-filter, so it could be that some of the ingredients bind stronger to the membrane.

The smell of the peppermint has infused the room and there is a slight hot sauce kick.

Currently experimenting into making homemade energy drinks or focus drinks.

You got the classics like capsaicin, caffeine, and nicotine for nervous system stimulants from various sources.

The current challenge is to weed out the various sources. Have already experimented with:

  • pepper tincture
  • chai tincture
  • Tabasco sauce
  • black tea
  • black coffee
  • Nicorette (nicotine)
  • yerba mate tea
  • matcha tea

Looking into which other natural substances can create a stimulating effect or which combination of natural substances.

Hot sauce + pepper tincture + chai tincture + black tea is a nice a treat.

We know that it is a human right to be fed. Though do wealthy individuals have the privilege to choose their diet?

It is quite toxic that the new 42 version on 36 changed the default editor to from

Did give me the opportunity to update it to instead.

How does the air pressure change while riding an elevator? Assuming the elevator is not pressurized.

This morning was great! Checked my phone and was confused why I am not getting any mobile or wifi connections. I thought that the chip set was broken. Only to realize moments later that the electricity was out for the whole town, which probably impacted the cell tower as well.

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

Do you think you have the right to phish someone back who tried to phish you in the first place?

Is it just me or is this a malicious attempt to get my phone number?

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