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OpenPush - A Free, #Decentralized Push Messaging Framework for #Android

"Push messages are an essential part of connected mobile devices. They are also one of the critical missing pieces in the #opensource Android ecosystem. Until now, free Android apps would either need to implement their own push notification system, do without any push messaging or use the proprietary Google Cloud Messaging service."

Android Trojan xHelper uses persistent re-infection tactics: here's how to remove - Malwarebytes Labs | Malwarebytes Labs

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Looks like #Mycroft called their bluff, and they folded. Hopefully this troll will keep its tail tucked and we'll never hear from them again.

"Patent Troll Update - Mycroft"

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I apologize upfront for tooting a Medium article, but the OSINT info is pretty good.

OSINT: How to find information on anyone - Petro Cherkasets

Great quiz, although it must be said that one of these phishing cases is Google's fault, because they allow scammers to use Google's domains to obfuscate URLs.

Jigsaw | Phishing Quiz

I cannot thank every single project that I use in my everyday, and that brings a bit (a great bit) more freedom to my life.
Thanks to all you, guys, who develop, debug, translate, maintain, support, promote, spread the word... of You are great.

@fsfe @opensuse @kde @Mastodon # very long etc.

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Tails 4.3 (Tor-focussed operating system) released:

– Updates for Linux kernel (5.4.13), Tor Browser (9.0.5), Tor, VirtualBox Guest Additions, and Thunderbird (68.4.1).
– Adds the trezor package for Trezor hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies.
– Bug fixes and minor changes.

#tails #tor #torbrowser #privacy #anonymity #trezor

Por qué funciona la falsificación de correos electrónicos y cómo protegerte | Blog oficial de Kaspersky

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