At @RUHBath we saw an increase in GCA incidence after peaks in COVID prevalence...

Is this real association or artefact?

Has anyone else seen similar patterns in inflammatory diseases?

@birdbathcharity @UniofBath @LifeScienceBath

Nice little clinical challenge in @JAMAOphth (if I do say so myself)

"Monocular Vision Loss in a Patient With Earache and Night Sweats"

This £44 billion NHS funding gap since 2010 *probably* doesn’t help.

Apparently UK members of parliament received £183 million extra (collectively) in second incomes. Not illegal, but some of the sources are dubious. That’s £282,000 per MP. More than their actual salaries. That’s quite a lot of money…

Does anyone else feel the joy when one sock meets another, after days of them being apart? Friends reunited! I have a singles pile. One dry shrivelled lonely sock waiting for their other half, whom then turns up freshly washed and hot to trot. It’s heart-warming.

I doubt raising a penny on the tax rate of the middle and highest earners to pay for healthcare will “stifle economic growth”, @ScotTories @ScotTories . Is this an inkling you have, is it based on trickle down economics, or do you have evidence? Asking nicely, by the way :-)

, but a very close family member of mine just said to me that they don't support the nursing strikes because "half of them work hard, but half of them are lazy"... Where has this attitude come from?
(I was disgusted by the way)

@GuyOpperman You think @GordonBrown wrecked the economy in 2008? Have you been hiding in your second home for the last 15 years!? It’s the economy, stupid…

8 years ago in 2014, the top 85 richest people had the same amount of wealth as the poorer half of the entire world’s population combined…. wow…

@ellielou_uk Hello and welcome to Mastodon! I’m new myself. As a rheumatologist and a science enthusiast in general, I have a question: How do you feel about colchicine? It’s not a loaded one…

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