General Good Advice - Sleep, Food, Hygiene, Planning, and Social Interaction 

⭐️ 1. Go to bed at a reasonable hour when you're actually tired.

2. When you start to get tired, finish up whatever you're doing and go to sleep in a cool, dark place. The ritual of preparing to go to bed helps your brain shut down at night. Everything in life is much harder if your sleep is bad.

3. Don't use an alarm 🚨. The rude awakening messes up your whole day.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. Your brain functions worse if you don't feed yourself adequately. If something is "quick food" it's probably not adequate. Eat a variety of different types of food with different textures and tastes.

5. It's critical that you prepare for tomorrow the day before. Everything you do now affects how tomorrow turns out, and everything you do now affects what your life will be like next year and the years that follow it. Things do not magically get better. If there's something you're doing now or not doing that you know is bad for you, stop doing it now. I repeat, it will not actually go away on its own. You actually have to make changes now. If you don't do it right now, you will put it off indefinitely and then your future will change because of it. What you do right now directly impacts your future (Repeat that 1,000 times).

6. Shower every day. Use soap. Armpits, ass, feet, and behind the ears especially.

7. If you need help, ask someone. Don't interact with people who make you feel bad, even if they don't mean to. Be aware of what's making you feel bad and do something about it instead of ignoring it.

I think this is the longest post I've made on Mastodon. I would be 803 characters over the limit if I posted this on my normal account.

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Re-drafted because I messed up.


General Good Advice - Reading Comprehension 

Basic Steps to Understand Difficult Writing

1. Read the piece of writing
2. Summarize the piece of writing
3. If you have trouble, look up unfamiliar words in a dictionary and try again
4. If you have trouble summarizing a paragraph or a longer piece of writing, summarize a sentence or a word
5. Look up unfamiliar concepts with a search engine. Putting the concept in quotes, such as "focal length" will make the search engine only return results with that exact phrase
6. Read in a quiet place, free of distractions

1. Know the purpose and difficulty of the writing. Not all writing is meant to be understood by a general audience and not all writing is written clearly.
2. Find writing that is suitable for your level of understanding
3. If you're unable to understand something, ask someone who knows


Summarizing is when you explain a concept to yourself in the most basic way, so it's easy to understand.

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