Neural Networks Are Tuned Near Criticality During a Cognitive Task and Distanced from Criticality In a Psychopharmacological Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Broadening the scope: Multiple functional connectivity networks underlying threat and safety signaling

Metacognition and Problem Solving: How Self-Coaching Helps First-Year Students Move Past the Discomfort of Monitoring

Structural flexibility of apolipoprotein E-derived arginine-rich peptides improves their cell penetration capability

Inferring the Hoxa1 Gene Regulatory Network in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells: Time-Series RNA-seq Data and Computational Modeling Approach

Distinct Microstructural Heterogeneities Underpin Specific Micromechanical Properties in Human ACL Femoral and Tibial Entheses

Trans-Omics analysis of post injury thrombo-inflammation identifies endotypes and trajectories in trauma patients.

Influence of functional and phylogenetic dissimilarity on exotic plant invasion depends on spatial scale

Real-time assessment of the impacts of polystyrene and silver nanoparticles on hatching process and early-stage development of Artemia using a microfluidic platform

Human intestinal organoid-derived PDGFRα+ mesenchymal stroma empowers LGR4+ epithelial stem cells

Dendritic cell-mediated responses to secreted Cryptosporidium effectors are required for parasite-specific CD8+ T cell responses

A tryptophan metabolite modulates the host response to bacterial infection via kainate receptors

GSK3α/β restrains IFNγ-inducible costimulatory molecule expression in alveolar macrophages, limiting CD4+ T cell activation

Temporal association activates projections from the perirhinal cortex and ventral CA1 to the prelimbic cortex and from the prelimbic cortex to the basolateral amygdala

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