The large GTPase Sey1/atlastin mediates lipid droplet- and FadL-dependent intracellular fatty acid metabolism of Legionella pneumophila

SAYSD1 senses UFMylated ribosome to safeguard co-translational protein translocation at the endoplasmic reticulum

Increased migratory/activated CD8+ T cell and low avidity SARS-CoV-2 reactive cellular response in post-acute COVID-19 syndrome

Astrocyte transcriptomic changes along the spatiotemporal progression of Alzheimer's disease

Morphogenesis and development of human telencephalic organoids in the absence and presence of exogenous ECM

Convergent deployment of ancestral programs during the evolution of mammalian flight membranes

Distinguishing Happiness and Meaning in Life from Depressive Symptoms: a GWAS-by-subtraction study in the UK Biobank

Stat3 has a different role in axon growth during development than it does in axon regeneration after injury

Cross-species analysis reveals unique and shared roles of Sox9 and Sox10 (SOXE family) transcription factors in melanoma

Cost-effective hybrid long-short read assembly delineates alternative GC-rich Streptomyces chassis for natural product discovery

Large-scale benchmarking of circRNA detection tools reveals large differences in sensitivity but not in precision

Pulse-chase experiments reveal dynamics of RNA binding protein Exuperantia in Drosophila melanogaster egg chambers

The E2 SUMO-conjugating enzyme UBE2I coordinates the oocyte and zygotic transcriptional programs

Histone monoaminylation dynamics are regulated by a single enzyme and promote neural rhythmicity

Co-occurrence and cooperation between comammox and anammox bacteria in a full-scale attached growth municipal wastewater treatment process.

Novel populations of Tr1 cells contribute to the resolution of acute influenza A virus infection.

Interactions between Mycoplasma mycoides mycoides and bovine macrophages under physiological conditions

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