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EphrinA5 regulates cell motility by modulating the targeting of DNMT1 to the Ncam1 promoter via lncRNA/DNA triplex formation

A highly conserved and globally prevalent cryptic plasmid is among the most numerous mobile genetic elements in the human gut

Antibiotics promote intestinal growth of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae by enriching nutrients and depleting microbial metabolites

Lasiodiplodia species associated with mango (Mangifera indica L.) decline in Burkina Faso and influence of climatic factors on the disease distribution

Allosterically coupled conformational dynamics in solution prepare the sterol transfer protein StarD4 to release its cargo upon interaction with target membranes

A lipopeptidomimetic of transcriptional activation domains selectively disrupts Med25 PPIs

A metagenomic library cloning strategy that promotes high-level expression of captured genes to enable efficient functional screening

Binding of the TRF2 iDDR motif to RAD50 highlights a convergent evolutionary strategy to inactivate MRN at telomeres

Inferring CpG methylation signatures accumulated along human history from genetic variation catalogs

Spatial and temporal variation in abundance of introduced African fig fly (Zaprionus indianus) (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in the eastern United States

The conserved protein CBA1 is required for vitamin B12 uptake in different algal lineages

Beyond the reference: gene expression variation and transcriptional response to RNAi in C. elegans

Conserving genetic diversity during climate change:Niche marginality and discrepant monitoring capacity in Europe

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