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Guess what - more of #Brighton's West Pier, this time from the futuristic October 2005.

Includes mysterious concentric circles etched in the sand, and a random bystander (also looking mysterious).

#dereliction #abandonedBuildings #abandonedPlaces #urbanDecay #piers #coast

《完美马提尼的制作》——Guy Buffet

Tried out Google's Bard, gave it a practitioner-level legal research question, an issue on which courts have reached conflicting answers.

Bard's answers were good as a compass but bad as a map: it pointed me in the right direction but messed up some specifics.

Bard's initial answer to the legal research question was good, though it was light on details, made subtle errors, and was outdated by about 18 months.

Bonus points to Bard including links to two reputable, though outdated, sources.

Black-Capped Chickadee demonstrating the proper way to signal a left turn.


I hadn't planned on making this image until later in spring with lime green leaves, but alas there was an opportunity that was too good to pass up.

This veteran hornbeam has bags of character - I just love its shape. The snowstorm lasted about an hour in the dying light of the day.

By morning the snow was gone, and the opportunity had gone. Sometimes you just have to take advantage of a short window.

#ThickTrunkTuesday #woodland #trees #forest #winter #nature #landscapephotography

把 #StableDiffusion 当渲染器用:把 Bistro 的 depth map 丢给 #ControlNet,然后 prompt 里输入不同的城市,于是得到了很多版本的 Bistro:



Yesterday, I said that the "dark" part of the Fediverse was moving to Nostr.

This is because these folks don't like being "censored" and believe they are entitled to visibility.

They don't like moderation. That's what it comes down to.

They're fine with abuse and spam. In fact, they believe it's a net benefit to social media.

And when you look at Nostr now, that's what it pretty much is right now.


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What is more unpleasant?

Today is the Day of Remembrance for the Japanese American community. 81 years ago today, when I was just a boy of four, FDR signed Executive Order 9066, setting in motion the evacuation of people of Japanese descent from the West Coast and our long years of internment inside ten barbed wire prison camps.

We must never let such a thing happen again in America, and and we must strive everywhere to prevent the forced relocation and mass incarceration of innocent people. #NeverForget #NeverAgain

swearing about satellites 

Oh god I redid the math on re-entries:

Each Starlink v2 sat weighs 1250kg. They plan to have 42,000 of them in orbit.

Each satellite has a planned lifetime of 5 years. That means they'll be de-orbiting and replacing ALL of them every 5 years.

That comes to 23 sats per day, which is 29 TONS OF SATELLITE every day.

It doesn't go away, it gets added to the upper atmosphere. Most of the mass is aluminum. What the hell is that going to do?


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