Hypothesis: people will think the same computer is more powerful if it has a larger monitor.

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A graphic designer added special FX to most footage of his son playing.

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Jellyfish do no have brains, rather, they have a net of neurons.

A modest proposal:

We take the jellyfish
We stack the jellyfish
We make deep (sea) learning

Conspiracy theory: all of these people telling us to get more sleep just want more time to do crimes unobserved.

Has someone finally beaten me at Wordsy? That depends on whether we accept dibromofluorotryptan as a word. @gilhova@twitter.com

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Sandmaster 26 sandbag filling attachment for skid steers by Paulls Construction Equipment.

Some fabulous photos of our last fire show taken by @jeffrovner@twitter.com. photos.app.goo.gl/ttj3deQaW7Jz

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Broke: You said "literally" when you meant "figuratively".

Woke: People have been using "literally" to mean "very" for centuries.

Bespoke: Counter-misusing "figuratively".

"I figuratively just ate three burritos."

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The author Patricia Highsmith once smuggled 100 snails and a head of lettuce into a literary party in her handbag so she had someone to talk to.
(Image: Open Media Ltd)

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did you know...that if you do your reading before class, the lecture makes more sense???

Disney+ presents: The Mitsubishian.

"Uber driving is a complicated profession."

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πŸ“’ Sponsor Shout Out! πŸ“’
@lewisandclark@twitter.com College is a new sponsor of our Mixer this year! They sponsored tickets for students and faculty to attend!
Thanks for supporting WIS PDX!

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Toilet-Kun, a toilet that has achieved sentience, teaches people in Yokohama City about bathroom procedures after disasters.

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