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I'm a CS professor from . My research projects involve deep convolutional neural networks applied to photos of (meteorological) and building video games (using ) to teach people about preparedness. Hobbies include , (including ), and (

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In 2023 we're going to do a challenge.

There's a new letter every two weeks, starting with A on Jan 1. During that fortnight, we'll play at least one game that starts with that letter.

(Yes, we have all the letters covered in our collection. Digits are spelled out, so 7 Wonders is filed under S.)

Who's with us?

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I couldn't find a good reference diagram of the relationships between types, so a while ago I made one.

The groundhog saw his shadow, so we'll get six more Game of Thrones spinoffs.

I've had 5 COVID shots, the last one in October of 2022. (I'm over 18 and, as far as I know, haven't had COVID.) Reading this page, do you think the CDC recommends that I get another?

If making a planet more Earth-like is terraforming, and making it more Mars-like is areoforming, is making it more Venus-like aphroditeforming?

The National Popular Vote compact has passed house and senate committees in Minnesota!

If you live in Minnesota, please urge your legislators to pass the bill:

If Minnesota joins, we'll have 205/270 = 76% of the electoral votes required for the compact to take effect!

Finished the introductory campaign for the Arkham Horror Living Card Game. We lost, badly and quickly.

Rumor has it this campaign is extremely difficult and the others are more reasonable.

In response to a troll, I shared the latest energy mix numbers. And folks - I didn't realize we were this far already!

Anybody who still says crap like "you mean your coal-powered car?" is just woefully misinformed.

I mean, I knew that, but I didn't realize it was quite this extreme.

Signs you have carpenter ants:

* keep finding tiny tools
* city sends a very tiny permit to affix to baseboard
* “when you try to move a book” you are told to “keep this entrance clear,ma’am” because of the “cement delivery coming later”
* Your dish rack is dismantled “because it’ll be cheaper to rebuild from scratch”
* no room on the dresser due to like 85 tiny pickups illegally parked there
* husband keeps hearing high pitched wolf whistles when exiting shower

Loving the excellent tools and customer service at

My game Siva Afi: The Fireknife Dance of Samoa is currently featured:

My pretty picture from the BGStats app!

We have all the A, all the B, and three days of C games from our #BoardGamesAtoZ challenge.

Happy #BlackHistoryMonth !

You know the drill by now. I don't like talking about Black history. Americans know Black history. I want to talk about white American history. In other words, racism, and the erasure of both positive achievements of, and injustices suffered by, non-white people. That's what people don't know.

Try this: Ask your white US friends what the statue of liberty celebrates.

Now ask your Black friends. Or French folk of any color.


The Climbers is a perfectly respectable spatial reasoning game. It's not as good as Pueblo, but it's fine.

I suspect it would be more challenging with more players. With only two, you don't have to think about whether or not there will be room for you on that choice step when your turn comes around.

@peterdrake and I agree that it's too bad the ladders don't stay on the tower after you place and use one on your turn.

#BoardGamesAtoZ #BoardGames

Wait, seriously? Nobody is selling a birdhouse shaped like a d20?

Making my ask clear: please self promote your stuff. I want to see it. I want to learn about it. I might want to buy it. Tell me about it.

Despite renewing COVID-19's status as a public health emergency of international concern, the World Health Organization also acknowledged that the 3-year-old crisis may be nearing a critical "inflection point."

Original tweet :

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