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I'm a CS professor from . My research projects involve deep convolutional neural networks applied to photos of (meteorological) and building video games (using ) to teach people about preparedness. Hobbies include , (including ), and (

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I couldn't find a good reference diagram of the relationships between types, so a while ago I made one.

I've started reading the tutorials for Inkscape and I am delighted. It has a well-thought-out conceptual model, a clean and powerful interface, and attention to keyboard accessibility.

The one thing I can't seem to find is documentation on the connection point tool. Where is it? How do I add connection points so arrows attach to the edges of objects instead of their centers?

Watching US politics from afar right now, it is becoming apparent that the Republican Party's likely response to Donald Trump being diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer's would be to see if the Head of Vecna was available as transplant donor …

I'm ... not sure that would reduce water usage.

The Guardian: Colombians told to shower with a friend as drought hits capital water supplies

You know, #StochasticTerrorism shit.

Not any fan of ANY of these players (except for the photographer), but whew.

"David Hume Kennerly, a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, wrote in a letter obtained by Politico that a “key reason” Cheney was turned down because of fears of “being attacked by the Internal Revenue Service and losing the foundation’s tax-exempt status as retribution” if Trump is elected president"

The sequel to the indie smash hit Slay the Spire, named appropriately enough Slay the Spire 2, has been ported from the Unity game engine to Godot, a big win for the #GodotEngine and direct fallout from the unpopular run-time change.

#indiedev #gamedev

@pluralistic I have a filter set to block anything with "Long Thread/" in it. That way I can see the start of the thread and choose to read it (usually on your website), and I also see your boosts and other stuff. Win/win

Up and at 'em, people! These envelopes aren't going to push themselves.

Ah, spring -- that brief, wonderful time of year when you can go outside without an environment suit or a protective layer of anti-radiation unguent.

I think there's some commentary on the relationship between #infosec and the whole "why do my eyes hurt" google search memes

It's easy to laugh at people who clearly looked at the sun without eye protection

HOWEVER, there were a lot of fake eclipse glasses for sale before the eclipse. My wife bought two boxes of glasses (we gave a lot away), upon testing, one box was fake so they went in the trash. Had we used these, our eyes would also hurt

This is how we tend to treat people in #infosec. Users are so dumb, they click links, and install malware, and buy gift cards ... SO STUPID

But it's not that simple. A person was mislead and got hurt. Then we laugh at them. For fake internet points

Doctor: We had to remove your colon.

Patient Why?

Can a object be both mutable and hashable?

From Elsewhere:


stick your glasses in an evelope & mail to the address below so that kids in Latin America can use them Oct 2, to watch the South American Eclipse

Eclipse Glasses USA, LLC
PO Box 50571
Provo, UT 84605

JFC, job references going the way of grad school applications.

Grad schools, employers, HR departments: a form like this is an invitation for me not to think carefully about my answers. Quantity over quality? Fine, ask and ye shall receive.

One of the Unity GameObjects has a checkbox labeled "force assignation", and that don't seem right.

My new shoes are so white anyone looking directly at them should probably wear eclipse glasses.

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