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I'm a CS professor from . My research projects involve deep convolutional neural networks applied to photos of (meteorological) and building video games (using ) to teach people about preparedness. Hobbies include , (including ), and (

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In 2023 we're going to do a challenge.

There's a new letter every two weeks, starting with A on Jan 1. During that fortnight, we'll play at least one game that starts with that letter.

(Yes, we have all the letters covered in our collection. Digits are spelled out, so 7 Wonders is filed under S.)

Who's with us?

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I couldn't find a good reference diagram of the relationships between types, so a while ago I made one.

If a car depends on the keys being inside to start, what would happen if you threw them out the window while speeding down the freeway?

Il m'arrive de réaliser des perspectives à deux points, et donc je valide que l'utilisation de l'élastique comme guide pour créer des lignes parallèles aide vraiment à la réalisation des perspectives à deux points.

La perspective à deux points est une méthode de dessin qui utilise deux points de fuite sur la ligne d'horizon pour créer l'illusion de profondeur dans un espace bidimensionnel. Elle est couramment utilisée dans les dessins d’architecture et de décoration intérieure pour représenter des objets de manière plus réaliste.

Étapes à suivre :

1) Commencez par tracer une ligne horizontale pour l'horizon et placez deux points de fuite à chaque extrémité.

2) Utilisez l'élastique pour relier ces points, créant des lignes diagonales convergentes vers les points de fuite.

3) Dessinez des lignes verticales pour les objets, en veillant à ce qu'elles s'alignent avec l'élastique pour maintenir la perspective.

#dessin #draw #drawing #drawings #perspective

a key librarian principle you need to learn is Organization Is About Retrieval, Not Storage

One time a participant in one of my webinars gave feedback that Armani coming on camera was “unprofessional” and like. My guy. He is wearing a tuxedo, how much more professional can you get??

OK, web search is failing me - whose rule or law is it that being an expert in one field doesn't make you an expert in another? Want to quote for a slide deck. thx - G

Up and at 'em, people! These cannonballs aren't going to run themselves!

PSA: If you putting a link in Mastodon, please include the https:// part so Mastodon turns it into a clickable link. I see a lot of artists promoting stuff on who fail to create a clickable link.

Due to Reasons, I have used four different computers today -- five if you count my phone.

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