Live action Wallace & Gromit.
This is an example of living paycheck to paycheck

everyone snarks about how Drogon is a dragon named Drogon, except that Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion are actually WYVERNSβ€”they're quadrupeds, not hexapods, a distinction even a casual student of draconology could tell you so ha ha ha who's lame now,

This is NOT what America is about. America is about *opens history book*

uh oh

*Frantically starts flipping though pages*

uh oh. oh no. no no no. uh oh

On a Mac, there are four smart quotes you might want to type: β€˜ ’ β€œ ”. You hold down option (excuse me, β€œβŒ₯”), maybe hold down shift, and press [ or ]. You'd think [ vs ] would control left vs right and shift would control β€˜ vs β€œ, wouldn't you?

Yes, you would think that.

Aha! It was a UI problem: unlike phone nav systems, you have to specify a state and it defaults to the last search rather than where you are. It was searching in Washington.

Ever since the software update, the navigation system can never find new addresses, rendering the huge tablet-sized screen pretty much useless.

The 2019 Oregon State Go Championship will be September 21-22 at the majestic I'm playing, not running it, but contact me if you need information on registration. Space is limited!

This is quality content

Sinister Clutches is the name of my line of left-handed handbags.

What made Mork's home planet so advanced?


Why can't House Democrats see that impeaching Trump, whether or not it leads to his conviction and removal in the Senate, gives tens of millions of Americans hope that truth, decency, integrity, rule of law, and democracy still mean something?

RT if this is where you're at, too.

NBC News: The universe may be a billion years younger than we thought. Scientists are scrambling to figure out why..


Heather wonders why there are ropes to keep people away from the fake artifacts in this miniature room.

Me: We'll know we've hit rock bottom when they announce a live action Steamboat Willie.

Her: Who would star in it?

Me: What's the stupidest possible answer to that question?

Her: Chris Hemsworth.

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If you are new to Mastodon here is some useful info.

First off, if your coming from Twitter and you'd prefer an interface that looks exactly like twitter, then just go here and login with your Qoto credential: No need to create an account there, your account on this server will work just fine. Just enter your username in the following format @[username] so for me it would be @freemo But personally I think our default skin here is way better.

Basically Mastodon is a decentralized twitter. That means anyone can run a server (like Qoto) that people can sign up to and use just like twitter. The unique part is how the servers talk to each other.

If you want to tag someone on the same server as you then you can just do @user however if you want to specify someone on a different server you can do @user@server. If someone follows you or mentions you on any server on the internet you'll get notified right here. So my full tag is

So now a bit about the timelines, there are three (unlike twitter there is just one): Home, Local, Federated.

The Home timeline is just like what you'd expect on twitter, that is, everyone you are following.

The local timeline is any post made by anyone on your local server.

The federated timeline is what is cool. It combines the timeline of everyone on the server into one. This way you can see the posts of everyone that is followed by anyone on the server (assuming the post is public). So this timeline is a close representation of everyone on the internet who has Mastadon (though not really). Moreover we have a bot here that goes around and federates with everyone it can find, so our Federated Feed is rather robust covering thousands of instances.

Only other thing that is unique is listed vs unlisted posts. You have normal privacy settings like on twitter but you also can set a post to be listed or unlisted. If it is listed it acts just as i described. If it is unlisted then it acts just as a normal tweet would but it doesnt show up on local or federated timelines anywhere.

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