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Fauci just announced the end of Trump's Gag Rule that defunded NGOs who even discussed abortion with women.

This meant closing women's health services, family planning clinics, HIV clinics. Studies found use of birth control DROPPED by 14% & abortion rose by 40% as a result.

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"How are things in Portland and Seattle?"

Someone who has never been to either: "It's ANARCHY! The Antifas has burnt them to the grounds! MILLIONS HAVE BEEN KILLED!"

Someone who lives there: "It's raining. But it warmed up a bit, so that's nice. Gonna go for a jog soon."

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Yeah, everything that ever will be has already been on “The Simpsons”. But this is a bit on the nose.

Maybe you never want to think about that guy again, but if your facepalming muscles needs a cooldown, there are some doozies in this thread.
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what's a dumb trump moment that you remember that many of us may have forgotten?

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See you tonight for a virtual Art/Code Night, teamforming, and coworking session! Starting at 7pm PT :)
We'll be breaking off into different chat rooms in small groups for team forming in prep for Global Game Jam next week!

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Dr. Biden looking awfully calm for someone with four syllabi to finalize this week.

The darkest days are behind us. There will be more, but the horizon glows with hope. After a moment of celebration, it is time to choose the world we want to live in and work to build it.

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they forgot to turn up shadow quality at the capitol

a little unprofessional imo

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Stray Doberman Accidentally Sworn In As President After Putting Paw On Inaugural Bible bit.ly/39PWgen

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Word of the day is 'exsibilate' (17th century): to hiss a poor performer off the stage.

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My kid thought that “swearing in” meant Joe Biden was going to stand at a podium on Wednesday and reel off all the curse words he knows. He’s understandably a little disappointed now.

BREAKING: Trump boards Air Force One for the last time, his pockets visibly stuffed with silverware, eyes downcast, silently mouthing the words, "I pardon myself. I pardon myself."

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