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one of the worst aspects of this stupid future is how the opposite of "yes" became "learn more"

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Don't underestimate the longevity of software... particularly complex routines. This is Fortran code at the heart of nlminb() routine, apparently transposed from physical cards at some point...

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I was trying to remember a song from Cats and was like “when you’re a cat, you’re a cat all the way.”

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White rhinos and black rhinos are the same colour. The main difference is the shape of their mouths.

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Real Buzz Aldrin Spends 50th Straight Year On Moon Trying To Signal Earth To Warn Of Imposter trib.al/7gYDe1U

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Is free transit a good thing?

This topic has been discussed on my twitter world quite a bit.

I decided to do some digging. Welcome to my thread on free transit:

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my heart 😭 this bunny shop assistant doing such a good job ♥️🐇

Java has two String methods strip and trim. They do almost exactly the same thing, but strip is safe for Unicode.

Writing prompt: two sisters named Penny and Tuppence.

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me revisiting old side projects

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An analysis of over 22,000 heavy metal songs shows that ‘burn’ is the most metal word. The least metal word is ‘particularly’. (Photo credit: Javi Parrado)

Ugh, I don't like the new @Twitter@twitter.com UI. Why is a third of my screen taken up with ads and another third with a menu?

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Long books, when read, are usually overpraised, because the reader wants to convince others and himself that he has not wasted his time. E.M. FORSTER

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