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I'm a CS professor from Oregon. My research projects involve deep convolutional neural networks applied to photos of (meteorological) and building video games (using ) to teach people about preparedness. Hobbies include , (including ), and game design (

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It is with great pride that we release the first of four games where you can experience the Cascadia Subduction Zone "Big One" earthquake in the Pacific Northwest!

It used to be the case in that

:t 3

would give you

3 :: Num a => a


let x = 3
:t x

would give you

x :: Integer

because storing a value in variable forced the system to commit to a specific type.

Nowadays, though, the latter gives you

x :: Num a => a

What changed? I'm at a loss as to how to search the web for an answer to this one.

#2677 Two Key System 

Our company can be your one-stop shop for decentralization.

Since beginning in 16th century Europe, capitalism worsened mass living standards often below subsistence there & worse in rest of world. Living standards rose only in late 19/20th centuries when labor, socialist, anti-colonial movements made it

After nearly a year of silence, I suddenly got three more sales of my Siva Afi card game!


“We need a massive […] effort to get men to move into jobs in the growing fields of health, education, administration, and literacy (HEAL), equivalent to the successful campaign to get women into STEM.”

“There are three pressing reasons to get more into .”

“First, given the decline in traditional male occupations, men need to look to these sectors for jobs. Blue collar jobs are disappearing. There will be more STEM jobs, too — but these are much smaller occupations. accounts for only about 7% of all jobs, compared to 23% in HEAL.”

“The second reason […] is to help meet labor shortages in critical occupations. Almost half of all registered nurses are now over the age of 50. […] We face labor shortages in two of the largest and most important sectors of our economy — health care and . But we are trying to solve them with only half the workforce.”

“The third argument […] is to provide a better service to and men. Many would prefer to be cared for by a man, especially in certain circumstances. Consider the case of a man in need of help using the bathroom in a hospital or care home, or the middle-aged man needing a therapist to help with his addiction to pornography, or the fatherless teenage boy needing help from a psychologist with their substance abuse. It is not ideal if most substance abuse counselors are women (76%) when most substance abusers are men (67%), or that most special education teachers are women (84%) when most students being referred to special education are male (64%).”

“Getting more men into HEAL occupations would be good for men, good for the professions, and good for clients — a win-win-win.”

Richard Reeves

It turns out there is an American League.

Among other things, "The ACL created certification standards for three levels of equipment that players and enthusiants can use when making cornhole equipment purchase decisions."

Happy National Punctuation Day!

If you were a punctuation mark, which one would you be?

Apparently, I really took it to heart when I heard the first teacher say, “If you have a question, it means other people likely also have the question and are just afraid to ask.”

Well then…I’m here to help!

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#2676 Historical Dates 

Evidence suggests the 1899 transactions occurred as part of a global event centered around a deity associated with the lotus flower.

Comedy engineer: Can we do anything with "Racoon Tycoon"?

Internet: That's already the name of a board game.

CE: Basoon Tycoon?

I: Someone on Instagram already got there.

CE: Brigadoon Tycoon? That has to be original, right?



Achievement unlocked: Wrote a program that passes the type system but still contains a bug.

Fuck “both sides” bullshit.

Here is a SITTING #GOP Senator saying that interracial marriage laws should be left up to the states. In 2022.




b <- tibble(pre=c(8,8,5,3), post=c(8, 8, 5, NA))

This works

b %>% mutate(post = if_else(, mean(post, na.rm=TRUE), post))

But what if that expression is too hairy for the student? In other languages,

you can separate out and name the parts. You can do that in R by using the

completely different $ syntax:

mean_of_others <- mean(b$post, na.rm=TRUE)
revised <- if_else($post), mean_of_others, b$post)
b %>% mutate(post = revised)

Why doesn’t this work? Do mean and if_else not work with the pipe unless they

are inside something like mutate?

mean_of_others <- b %>% mean(post, na.rm=TRUE) # Error!
revised <- b %>% if_else(, mean_of_others, post) # Error!
b %>% mutate(post = revised)

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