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@ithayla OK, funny story here. It's, what, 2000, I think? I'm working in film, and our little company has just gotten a new candy-colored iMac for our admin. +

Fight scenes are isomorphic to musical numbers.

I've been developing a game about Samoan fireknife dancing, in consultation with top-level fireknife dancers. I've even got translations for the cards in Samoan. Would @QueengamesUS or other publishers have interest in this?
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The year is 2021. Joe Biden is president. You earn 410,000 dollars. 10,000 of them are taxed higher than the other 400,000. Your fist clenches. The communists have won.

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🎶i’m a finch
i’m a plover
i’m a grouse
i’m a swallow
i’m a hornbill
i’m a crane

i eat bugs and i eat grain🎶

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Word of the Day: UNASINOUS — united in stupidity, literally ‘one ass’.

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Earlier this month, Oreo built a doomsday vault on a Norwegian island that would preserve a large stockpile of their cookies in case of apocalypse.

Gideon the Ninth combines all the genres and somehow ends up at "comfy horror".

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I don't want a soulmate, I want a NEMESIS.

Achievement unlocked: lost 23 pounds since mid-May!

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one of the p's in doppelganger is there as an example

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If you don't want to buy just some generic sexy Halloween costume like so many people do every year, but come up with something punny and original, then scroll down for some great budget-friendly ideas listed here. sadanduseless.com/pun-tastic-c

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Guess they have to do it before the sun comes up and they all turn to dust. twitter.com/kaitlancollins/sta

If I were a blancmange from the planet Skyron in the Galaxy of Andromeda, I would simply order 48,000,000 kilts from Angus Podgorny on Main.

If I were Sigourney Weaver I would simply open a quaint downtown boutique called Sigourney on Main.

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my favourite fact from Funny You Should Ask @qikipedia

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Book author and illustrator Liz Climo has created funny and adorable series of comics that capture the cute, light-hearted moments of animal Halloween. sadanduseless.com/halloween-an

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